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The official documentation is at:

ECM Forms, also known as 'DM Forms' or simply 'Forms', are available in Alfresco 2.9 Labs release as an experimental feature (for testing and evaluation). As from version 3.2 this functionality no longer exists, due to a redesign of he Forms concept in Share 3.2.

These allow structured XML content to be created based on an XML schema (XSD) in a similar way to Web Forms. However, ECM Forms do not directly support renditions although Content Transformations can be used to achieve similar results.

To create/edit a form definition:

  • Login as admin
  • Navigate to Company Home -> Data Dictionary -> Forms
  • Select Create -> Create Form
  • Use the Create Form Wizard to create a form definition by uploading an existing XSD

For more details on defining forms, refer to the WCM Forms Developer Guide.

To add/edit a form instance (XML content managed by a form definition):

  • Login as a user
  • Navigate to a space to which the user has permission to create content (e.g. user's home space)
  • Select Create -> Create Content
  • Use the Create Content Wizard to create a form by selecting a form definition from the drop-down
  • Fill in the form and click on finish