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This information applies to Alfresco Version 2.1 and 2.2.

Alfresco 2.2.0 ECM Release Enhancements

The 2.2.0 release includes the following ECM enhancements:

JMX-based Server Administration

Alfresco 2.2 adds support for JSR-160, providing a new JMX interface for system administrators to access Alfresco via a standard JMX console that support JMX Remoting.  With JSR-160 support, sys admins can now change log levels, enable or disable file-servers all without having to stop and restart the Alfresco server. 

Email-based Collaboration

Alfresco 2.2 adds support for email-based collaboration.  In 2.2, users can directly email content into the Alfresco repository.  This can be accomplished using one of two methods:
  1. An end-user specified friendly email alias for a space
  2. Directly emailing a space or a documents database ID (DBID). 

Email collaboration support includes:
  • Automatic capture and archival of all attached files with a captured email message
  • Automatic creation of discussions for any emails directly referencing a specific document via its DBID.

Module Logging

As of Alfresco version 2.2 (post BETA) each module can have its own file, which is placed in the same directory as  Therefore, you can control the logging levels of classes within your module without having to modify the main file.

Alfresco 2.1.0 ECM Targeted Release Enhancements

The following ECM enhancements are in our 2.1.0 release:

Web Scripts
New support for enabling URL-based access to Alfresco content management services or custom content views.  Web scripts can execute any server-side JavaScript on URL invocation and any response format using FreeMarker templates.  Web scripts provide a simple, lightweight, scriptable way to build reusable content components that can be accessed in the context of any application (including portals, MSOffice, Alfresco's own web client, or any purpose-built web app). 
Status:  COMPLETE;

PHP Scripting Support
New support for PHP as a first-class scripting language in Alfresco.  Enables developers to choose between either JavaScript or PHP as their scripting language of choice.  Designed for use in conjunction with Web Scripts.
Status:  COMPLETE;

JavaScript API and Template API Extensions
Added support via JavaScript API for working with the contents of a Web Project and workflow.
Status:  COMPLETE;

Integrated JavaScript Development Environment
Optional services for developers to test and debug their web scripts with an Alfresco-provided developer environment
Status:  COMPLETE;

JSR-168 Portlets
New set of componentized JSR-168 portlets built using Alfresco 2.1.0's new Web Scripts.  Portlets are AJAX-enabled and support simple, approachable, interactive user interface.  Pre-built Web Scripts, accessible via a common JSR-168 portlet container, include:  My Tasks, My Spaces, My Web Forms, My Modified.
Status:  COMPLETE - My Tasks, MySpaces, My Documents; My Web Forms released BETA

Microsoft Word Portlets
New set of componentized UI services built using Alfresco 2.1.0's new Web Scripts.  Components enabled via Microsoft Word's Task Pane and provides support for basic document search, check-out / check-in, and collaboration within Word.  Pre-built Web Scripts are simpler (non-AJAX) versions of our JSR-168 My Tasks, My Spaces, and My Searches portlets.
Status:  COMPLETE;

Translations UI
New GUI support for managing collections of translated documents, including support for adding translations, viewing translations of documents, filtering views based on language, and managing multi-lingual content metadata.
Status:  COMPLETE;

Workflow Enhancements
Support timers (to support escalation handling), workflow task history and task commenting. 
Status:  COMPLETE;

Blog Publishing AMP
Late notice addition to enable direct posting to an external blog service of content creating within the Alfresco web client. 
Status:  COMPLETE;

Module Management Tool Enhancements
Support for module installation and upgrades.
Status:  COMPLETE;