Evaluating Alfresco

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Evaluating Alfresco

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

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The Alfresco Evaluation Guide is intended to be a practical resource for individuals who want to install, configure and try out Alfresco on their own computer (within their place of business).

About the Guide

This guide includes detailed, step-by-step instructions along with complete, working examples of real-life, content management scenarios.  Some scenarios might be quite simple in nature whereas others might be fairly complex.  In the end, the idea is that all scenarios should be very simple to set up and understand.

Setting things up

The Basics

Additional Information


  •     What if I need more time?

        Information on who to contact at Alfresco in order to request an extension to your trial period.


  •     Installing a new license

        Step by Step instructions on how to install a brand new or updated license into your Alfresco product


  •     Who can I contact for assistance?

        Who to contact on the Alfresco sales team for your technical and business-related questions during the evaluation period.