File Server Subsystem

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File Server Subsystem

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The File Server Subsystem allows access to the Alfresco data stores through the SMB/CIFS, FTP and NFS protocols. This allows you to browse to the server using Windows Explorer or create a Network Place, for example. As with any other Alfresco Subsystem, the File Server Subsytem exposes all of its configuration options as properties that can easily be controlled through one of the mechanisms described in Configuring Subsystems. The sections that follow describe each of the configurable properties supported by the File Server Subsystem, and for development/debugging purposes some advanced configuration changes that can be made through Spring bean definition overrides.

Please refer to these if configuring the file servers in Alfresco versions prior to 3.2:

For versions 3.2 through 3.4
File Server Subsystem 3.2

For version 4.0
File Server Subsystem_4.0