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The official documentation is at:

File System Transfer Receiver ( FTR / FSTR )

The File System Transfer Receiver (abbreviated as an FTR or FSTR) is a mechanism for publishing from Alfresco's Document Management repository to a File System using the Replication Service.

The FTR uses the replication service. It includes an embedded Tomcat and an embedded Derby database.
More documentation is available here:

And here:

Setup the FTR

  1. Download and unzip (available from community downloads or enterprise support portal)
  2. Run the jar using java -jar file-transfer-receiver.jar
  3. Define the receiver in the folder: CompanyHome/Data Dictionary/Transfer/Deployment Targets/Default
    1. alfresco-ftr
    2. port 9090
    3. admin / admin
  4. Enable a Transfer job
  5. Edit and add replication.enabled=true
    1. Restart the server

More Configuration

If you want to add another directory of deployment targets, you need to add the correct content rule to the directory.

The following configuration options are available in the FTR:

<FTR Directory>/classes/ftr-custom-properties

  • Staging Directory
  • Root Directory
  • JDBC URL (defaults to embedded Derby)
  • Username
  • Password

<FTR Directory>/classes/

  • Tomcat Base Directory
  • Port Number

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