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How to Contribute

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Alfresco project.

There are several areas in which you can provide assistance:

User Support

Even the most experienced Alfresco developers were new once, and chances are someone has helped you at some point along the way. No matter what your skill level, you can give back by sharing what you know with other users who need support. It's a nice thing to do, and who knows? You might learn something, too!

  • You can answer questions right here in the Alfresco Community.
  • You can also hang out with the community on the IRC Chat

Communities of Alfresco users also participate in StackOverflow and the Alfresco Technical Discussion Google Group.


The official documentation is at, and you can give us feedback on the official documentation by using the feedback form on each page.

Posting articles related to Alfresco on your personal blog is also very helpful. If you regularly post about Alfresco, let us know.

Finally, improving the pages in this community is a good way to help. Alfresco is a fast moving project, and these community pages do not always keep pace. It takes engaged contributors to keep this community a valuable resource, so please be bold in updating pages! See the community guidelines and the suggestions in Wiki Cleanup. There is also a tag for pages that we know need attention: "Page Needs Work".


Community translation efforts are documented at Language Packs and Community Translations.


Testing Alfresco is a great way to learn about the platform, directly contributes to the stability of the product, helps our engineering team focus on developing cool new features, and is an excellent way for people of all backgrounds to make a valued contribution. Confirming and classifying bugs that are listed in our issue tracker is as important as finding new bugs and providing quality reports. See Reporting an Issue for more details.


Our UX team is always looking for volunteers to provide feedback on the product in a controlled research setting.

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Alfresco thrives on developer contributions, in the form of both contributed modules and functionality to core. Helping out in development helps the project move forward and stay competitive, and is the best way to ensure that Alfresco can do what you need it to do on your next project. Most community enhancements start as patches submitted through the issue tracker.

For each project, the Project Overview pages explain how to access the source code and Submitting Contributions. Remember to follow the Coding Standards for Alfresco Content Services. You can always post a question in this space if you're not sure of something.

We maintain a list of project ideas on the Help Wanted page.


The Alfresco Add-Ons is a community resource for additional features and capabilities for Alfresco systems.
Alfresco Add-ons.