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Image Management

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Electronic image capture and management enables organizations to transform from manual, paper-based handling to efficient business process driven, electronic access. This is often by the need for compliance, better customer service and increased business efficiency. Paper, fax and email need to be digitized at the point of entry into the organization and stored and related to other information to provide a complete views of for example a customer or a case. Image management is often used in combination with document management and business process management to deliver applications such as:

  • Inbound paper mail management
  • Inbound Invoice and billing management
  • Inbound contracts and forms management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Case management
  • Customer management

Traditional Image Management and Capture

Traditionally image management has been driven by proprietary vendors with closed image and management products that are often closely coupled to one particular type of capture software. This approach has created an industry with costly software which is inflexible where much of the logic is hard-coded into the script between the capture and image management software. Also, distributed capture often requires holes in firewalls to be opened causing a security risk.

Simple Image Capture and Kofax Ascent Capture Integration

Alfresco allows images to be simply captured through its shared drive CIFS interface with automatic meta-data extraction and classification. For high-volume, sophisticated image capture Alfresco is integrated with the Kofax Ascent Capture product. This industry leading capture solutions offers:

  • Automatic Image Correction and Enhancement
  • Automatic form Identification and Document Separation
  • OCR, ICR and OMR to recognize machine-printed and hand-printed text in hundreds of languages, as well as bar codes, patch codes and check boxes
  • Certified to work with most production scanners
  • Integrates seamlessly with Alfresco Content and Business Process Management

Alfresco and Fenestrae Udocx Integration

For distributed capture, using brands such as HP, Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp and Canon, Alfresco is integrated with Fenestrae Udocx. This cloud based capture solutions offers:

  • Secure integration of Alfresco with your current scanner fleet
  • Intuitive and easily customizable user Apps
  • Automatic routing from the scanner to Alfresco folders
  • Integrated rights management
  • OCR to recognize machine-printed text
  • Integration with Alfresco for identification of required and optional metadata

Alfresco Image Management

Alfresco offers one integrated repository to manage all formats of content across image management, document management, web content management and email repositories. The repository is a modern platform with:

  • One Repository for any Digital Asset
  • The industry's most scalable, standards-based, JSR-170 content repository
  • Standards support for JSR-170, Web Services and REST
  • High-Availability, Fault Tolerance and Scalability & Auto failover and clustering
  • Secure Distributed Capture over Web Services, HTTP and HTTPS
  • Reuse of Alfresco Business Policy Rules
  • Server-based transformation between many formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MS-Office, PDF and FLASH
  • Metadata Extraction and Management
  • Automatic Classification Framework

User Functionality

Users get a simple to use integrated image management system that is as easy to use as a shared drive. It has functionality with:

  • Powerful, location, attribute and category based search
  • Automatic email and RSS notification
  • Flexible Workflow & Simple folder based workflow and sophisticated jBPM integration with Dashboard Access for Task Managment
  • Image Rollover Preview
  • Image Format Management


This new open source image management platform delivers significant benefits in the areas of:

  • Cost – Low total cost ownership single integrated, highly scalable, high-availability ECM platform
  • Cost – Preserve investment in existing operating system, database, application sever and high availability infrastructure
  • Better Customer Service – Integrated Customer View of all related correspondence. Highly scalable, high-availability ECM platform for rapid, reliable customer response
  • Choice – Standards-based content management using JSR-170, JSR-168, ODF, Web Services and REST
  • Enterprise-Wide Compliance – Common Governance Framework with integrated Business Process Management and Service Oriented Auditing
  • Quality – One Enterprise-wide Repository

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