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Improvements to picker

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Some users have highlighted usability deficiencies in the
picker interface control as follows:

  • It is not obvious that the radio button label is interactive
  • availability of the OK button at all times
  • number of clicks to navigate up nodes

A comparison test was conducted of two static designs and a lo-fi prototype has been made of the preferred approach showing the proposed improvements to the picker control.

The lo-fi prototype now requires assessment testing.

Assessment test objectives

  • Identify usability deficiencies and determine whether the improvements should be made within the current technical constraints or another approach should be discussed and designed with developers.
  • User comments on the features of this approach
  • Confirm the outcome of the comparison test
  • Does the user need to call on a help system

Task scenario

In the space ‘Interface Design’ you want to create a new space called ‘lo-fi prototypes’ that will have the same structure as ‘Interface Sketches’ but none of its content.

Test prototype

The lo-fi prototype is available here:

Macromedia Flash

OpenOffice Presentation

Test outcome

The picker would be improved by:

  • Inclusion of an icon for each item in the list.
  • Inclusion of a Cancel button
  • Inclusion of a breadcrumb to improve navigation of the spaces
  • Underlining the list item to make it look clickable
  • Availability of the OK button only when an item is selected

If you would like to participate in future usability tests please contact