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Install Tomcat6

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The official documentation is at:

(These instructions are also necessary for Tomcat 7.)

Tomcat 6 does not ship with several of the directories that were present in Tomcat 5.x

For example, the shared/classes and shared/lib directories.

Since Alfresco is set to use the configuration override files found in shared/classes/alfresco/extension this can cause a problem.

To configure Tomcat6 to pick up these files again is:

  1. Locate <TOMCAT_HOME>.
  2. Create the <TOMCAT_HOME>/shared/classes/ directory and copy the extension files to create the following directories:
../shared/classes/alfresco/extension/<files> (available in alfresco.war in /WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/extension)
../shared/classes/alfresco/messages/<files> (available in the alfresco package in /extensions/messages)
../shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension/<files> (available in the alfresco package in /extensions/web-extension)

  1. Open the <TOMCAT_HOME>/conf/ file.
  2. Change the value of shared.loader= to the following:

    Note that for Tomcat 6 on Ubuntu catalina.base has been set to /var/lib/tomcat6 instead of /usr/share/tomcat6. So, you may want to list /var/lib/tomcat6 directly.

  3. One further change is that Tomcat6 does away with the common/lib directory, so you need to copy the JDBC drivers for the database you are using to the lib/ directory.

Tomcat 5.x also used to have a common/endorsed directory, which no longer exists in Tomcat 6.x. If you are using Java SE 6, then copy any JARS that needed to go into Tomcat's common/endorsed into ...jdk6/jre/lib/endorsed directory.

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