Installing Labs 3c (Talk)

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Installing Labs 3c (Talk)

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Installing Labs 3 on Linux in text environment
What is 'text environment'   do you mean command line interface 'CLI'

As well the instructions for the linux install are completely incorrect.
Please remove them at a minimum or fix them like I have.


Hi Newmember

Thanks for your comments about the installation instructions on the Installing Labs 3 page.

'Text environment' refers to using linux via the command line. I can change this to 'CLI' if you prefer, or you are welcome to do this yourself.

The instructions for the linux installer are for running the Alfresco- Labs-3b-Linux-x86-Install file in an X11 environment. I have checked the instructions again and they are correct in this particular case. Have you tried running it in a GUI?

I didn't want to remove your instructions, and I appreciate that you have provided them, so that is why I have placed them in a new page with the relevant link.

Please let me know if you need clarification. You can contact me directly by email at


Ah I see.
I don't do much GUI stuff at all.

Thanks for the info.