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Interface sketches

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Simple interface sketches

The thumbnails (and screenshots they link to) are early interface sketches. Think of
these as electronic versions of pencil sketches to communicate the architecture, components
and interaction being considered and will be used in early heuristic and end user evaluations.

AnyShare as Single Portlet in a Portal Early Ideas Sketches

My Dashboard View

My Spaces View

Zone - Content as List View

Zone - Content as summary view (concept one)

Zone - Content as summary view (concpet two)

Document Library Collection View

Home - Getting Started View

Home - Modify View

Site Directory base view

AnyShare as Multiple Portlets in a Portal Early Ideas Sketches

AnyShare - Document library collection view

AnySahre - Published site view

AnyShare Shelf Early Ideas

Simple Copy to Clipboard Application Flow

Copy Flow Slide One

Copy Flow Slide Two

Copy Flow Slide Three

Copy Flow Slide Four

Create Shortcut Application Flow

Shortcut Flow Slide One

Shortcut Flow Slide Two

Shortcut Flow Slide Three

Actions in Progress Application Flow

AnyShare Admin UI Early Ideas

Manage Content Glossary

Mangement - Content Glossary