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OS: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Vista and the poor old Windows XP ;->

Database: MySql, etc. (any DB you normally use)

Web / App server: Tomcat, Bea Weblogic, SUN One, Red Hat JBoss, IBM WebSphere, etc., etc.

Language: J2EE

Installation / Configuration: Guide can be found here


License: LGPL

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Here is a semi complete feature list for ITracker:


   * J2EE 1.3 Application
   * Utilizes Jakarta Struts
   * Platform independent
   * Database independent
   * Pluggable Authentication


   * Ability to create issues
   * Ability to edit issues
   * Attachment support
   * Detailed histories
   * Email notifications
   * Full issue activity auditing
   * Issue searching
   * Optional auto-login
   * Per project components and versions
   * Per project custom fields (String, Integer, Date, Lists)
   * User preferences


   * Attachment management
   * Online real-time customization of statuses, severities and custom fields
   * Full i18n support
   * Ability to modify translations, and add new languages via an online interface
   * Optional self-registration and forgot password features
   * Project locking (complete, view only)
   * Project level options
   * Scheduler with the ability to create new tasks
   * User level per project permissions
   * User locking


   * Customizable reporting system based on JFreeReports and JasperReports
   * Severity report
   * Issue export to XML
   * Ability to add new reports through a web interface


   * Web client (Full Featured)
   * Eclipse Plugin (View/Create/Update Issues)
   * Web Services API (View/Create/Update Issues)