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JCR-RMI Extension

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This functionality was removed from Alfresco in 5.0.b.


The Alfresco JCR RMI extension enables the Alfesco JCR compliant interface to be bound to an RMI implementation by leveraging Apache Jackrabbit. Apache Jackrabbit is a RMI adaptor for a JCR (JSR 170) compliant repository.

Forge........: http://forge.alfresco.com/projects/jcr-rmi/

Source.......: http://forge.alfresco.com/scm/?group_id=21

Downloads....: May 1st - Release 1

Forums.......: http://forge.alfresco.com/forum/?group_id=21

Documentation: You Are Here


JCR-RMI Extension Road Map

JCR-RMI Extension Architecture


Is JCR-RMI Right for Me?

Configuring JCR-RMI Extension Runtime Parameters

Install Extension without a Compile - Plugin

Adding the JCR-RMI Extension to the Alfresco Web Client Build

Testing the JCR-RMI component

What is Apache Jackrabbit JCR


This project has no private developer mailing lists or internal communications.  All documentation and discussion is transacted publicly and transparently (via forums, wiki, and mailing lists).  We sincerely invite your input and any contributions.  Please help us make this a strong addition to the fine and growing trove of Alfresco core functionalities and extensions.


Release Candidate 1.0

svn checkout https://forge.alfresco.com/svn/jcr-rmi/rc1.0/