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JMX (Talk)

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Enhancement Ideas and Suggestions

Please add suggested enhancements to our JMX support here.

  • ability to save configuration to xml files to be used as server configuration files
  • ability to save and restore configuration to/fromin a database (make the persistance pluggable so we can persist it to many different stores)
  • visibility into background processing that's happening on an Alfresco server, including which jobs are currently active and what their status currently is (eg. how far they've progressed), which jobs are scheduled to run next and when, ability to pause or cancel jobs, etc. etc. (see ALFCOM-891 for more details)
  • a hard review of what configuration is exposed and how it is exposed.  Possibly we may need to refactor or put facades in place to make things easier to understand.
  • Ability to enable / disable various auditing features. 
  • Ability to monitor / enable / disable some background processes. 
  • I don’t know how easy it would bet to do with JMX – but dynamically enabling profiling information.  E.g. enabling profiling for certain method calls (could be implemented through AOP) through capturing as JMX metrics.
  • Also, some features to ease debugging, i.e. get a dump of all current spring configuration related to a specific bean or something like that.