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Legacy Source Code

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Current Source Code Location

Alfresco maintains multiple source code repositories for different parts of our products. In general, public open source code lives in the Alfresco organization on GitHub, and private proprietary code is kept in our internal GitLab instance. The correct code repository for a product is listed on the Project Overview page for that open source project. See: Project Overview: Content Services‌ and ‌


You may not need to check out code because Apache Maven and the Alfresco SDK will obtain code for you.


Legacy Source Code

This page contains instructions for accessing legacy source code using Subversion, which was the tool previously used by Alfresco Engineering. These code repositories are no longer updated in SVN, as development has moved to Git.


Checking out and building HEAD has changed a lot over the history of Alfresco Content Services. See:

* Updated information on building and running Alfresco


Subversion: https://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror


There are old mirrors from Subversion to Github which are no longer used, but provide some historical pull requests:


For access to the enterprise code please contact Alfresco support for an account.  You need to be an enterprise customer or member of Alfresco Engineering.


Checking Out from Subversion


To check out the latest HEAD revision use the following command line:

svn co http://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD


If you are after a proxy, and your svn client can not pass through it, you can download a copy of the whole site with the command wget like this:

wget -r http://svn.alfresco.com/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD/


In case of error like :

Error * PROPFIND request failed on '/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD' PROPFIND of '/repos/alfresco-open-mirror/alfresco/HEAD': 500 Server Error (http://svn.alfresco.com)

you can use the HTTPS alternate url instead

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is it possible to get access to Gitlab as partner? 



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Hi Jens,

We are currently reorganising our Git repositories, and you should see some effects of it this week.

The idea is that public repositories (which includes all the ones listed here) should move to GitHub, and what is not should move to a new GitLab server.

This will help our conversation with the Community, and also help our IT to cope with the workload...

The current GitLab will eventually be decommissioned, so I'd rather not create more logins in it.

In any case, we will keep this page updated, so you know where things are.

Hope this helps!


I believe Jens might have meant to refer to the Enterprise-only parts of the code base for which previously customers could get a login to access those on the Enterprise SVN. I recently noticed that more and more of the Enterprise-only parts aren't even accessible to customers anymore - had to deal with a bug in the "authorized users" module that required some "creative" inspection...

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Eventually, yes, we plan to have such an access level in the new GitLab instance, so we can give Customers and Partners access to non-public code.

There is definitely no intention to hide the code.

For instance, the code which is still in Subversion (mostly Platform and Share) is still accessible through the SVN Enterprise mirror.

We just haven't completely figured out the equivalent setup with GitLab yet, on the technical side, because we don't want to manage yet another list of logins/passwords for external people. (We already have one in Nexus, one in Subversion, one in SalesForce, ...)

There will be exceptions, and the "authorized users" module is one of them: this one is hidden and will remain so.

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Any update on this, ‌?




Jens, AFAIK Samuel no longer works at Alfresco...

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Richard Esplin‌ How about the Google Docs addon?

I see the github project is not updated.

GitHub - Alfresco/google-docs: Alfresco Google Docs integration 

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Ok, but the account still exists in the community!?

What is the current state? What about the gitlab access?


Richard Esplin


Last I talked to Richard (around the Global Virtual Hack-a-thon at end of September) there was still no news about access for partners / customers. I currently have a Enterprise customer where we are going through a migration to 5.2.1, and since Support could not help us with any sort of source access, we fell back to the sources attachments as the basis for any source-level patch we needed to apply/carry over...

But maybe we could/should make "source access updates" a regular Q&A thing with ‌.

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Hi guys ! I'm honoured that you still think about me :-)

Unfortunately, I cannot help you any more with this, as ‌ said.

In case it helps: the source code is (probably) still available in the Maven repo for each service pack, or hotfix, if you have a login for it.

Of course, it's not as convenient as following the source directly.

Also, most of the source is now in GitHub, so this page is now largely obsolete.

You should check ‌'s blog post for more up-to-date info:



It's nice to see you around Samuel!

This page is currently accurate. I have updated the page to reflect the current code locations, and changed the title to clarify that the SVN instructions are for the legacy source code.


Thanks for asking about this Douglas, as it exposed a problem.

A while back the team introduced some proprietary features to the Google Docs integration. I would have to look up the exact feature, but it was something about using Google's Enterprise Directory. The intention was for the work to be done on a private overlay, but since that time all the bug fixes have been on a private fork of the open repository.

The team intended to re-open the repository, but never got it done. There was an accidental commit of some authentication keys that we need to scrub from the history.

I'm working with the relevant team to get this remedied.


Expanding on what Jens and Axel were talking about, the expectation is that most customers and partners who need our proprietary source code will use the source bundles in Maven. When necessary, we will give them access to the commit history of specific projects. We use GitLab Enterprise for that purpose.

The IT team tells me that they are working on getting GitLab access for external people, but they have not yet given me an expected timeline.

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Richard, thanks for your reply.

Having source code in your dev environment by using the source bundles in Maven is cool to evaluate how things are implemented.

When making upgrades to Alfresco, it is always good to have a history for individual files. The history is only provided in a source code management tool like Gitlab or Subversion. It is very important for partners to have a diff functionality to quickly check if original modified source code (yes, this was still necessary in most of our past projects) is modified in a newer version...

Additionally, sometimes it is hard to find out where a single file is located (in which project or which structure). In this case a fulltext search is cool. We do not have this for your Subversion repository at the moment.




Thank you Jens. That is a useful summary of the value you are looking for.

I'll continue to make sure that our internal teams understand the importance of providing this access to customers and partners.

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Ping. Any news here?



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The latest edition of this page led to non-existing repositories on github.

What is the idea of this?

Were the repositories removed? Are they still going to be published?


Sorry, we accidentally updated the wrong page. The legacy source code locations have not changed. The new Github repositories for Alfresco Share will be listed on the page ‌, though they aren't ready to be made public just yet.

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Do you have news on this?

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The Spring-Surf and Spring-Webscripts repositories have not been migrated from SVN to Github?

Is there any plan to do it?

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Also, where can I find the source code for spring-surf-1.2.0 and spring-webscripts-1.2.0 ?

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Dear Richard,

I am trying to checkout the subversion source-code from behind a proxy, and it asks me for username and password. What username and password should I use to checkout the subversion (legacy) source code?

Alfresco Employee

FYI, just in time for DevCon ... it's visible now ... GitHub - Alfresco/googledrive  :-)



Please note:

- we still need to do some more work in the future to fix-up some of the dev branches (eg. "dev_3.1.0" will likely become "develop" ... etc)

- if you notice anything critical missing from deprecated GitHub - Alfresco/google-docs: Alfresco Google Docs integration then please raise a new "ALF" JIRA & PR

- see also https://github.com/Alfresco/googledrive#contributing 

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Thank you

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Ok, I have fixed the problem with connecting to the SVN repository behind proxy, by configuring the proxy in the following config file: %APPDATA%\Subversion\servers

as described here: Apache Subversion FAQ 

I was expecting that my IDE is correctly using the proxy settings provided inside the IDE configuration, but for some reason it was not working.


They have now been migrated. You can find them on the page

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The repository listed in the following section does not exist anymore:

There are old mirrors from Subversion to Github which are no longer used, but provide some historical pull requests:

Should we remove it? Or at least mention it is not there, the reason and what to use instead?