Liferay entension target capabilities

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Liferay entension target capabilities

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  1. REDIRECT Portlets

Summary of Target Capabilities

Versioned Directories

should be able leverage this capability. This is a hot concept and it makes a ton of sense.  Could be very difficult to accomplish in a portal environment.

Content Creation
Ability to create portal pages

page has in alfresco can be managed as a content item as well as a portal configuration.  This is powerful because we can get all the benifit of metadata provided by JCR/Alfresco

  • a relative url
  • a name
  • metadata
  • a theme association
  • a theme instance association
  • a layout association
  • a layout to portlet mapping (Names loosely couple to portlets and can be rendered in preview as placeholder tiles. strategies for visualization and preview rendering need to be discussed.

Ability to create portal layouts

Portal layouts and themes contain developer artifacts (JSP, velocity).  Hide these technologies from the user and limit the expessiveness of the technology to the description of layout (JSP can express anything java can... this should not be exposed to users).  Layouts could support Freemarker as a next generation step to the velocity support.

Ability to create Theme packages

Ability to bundle assets such as portlet layouts, css, theme frame, images in to logical bundles which can be distributed my repository integration or rendered in to traditional liferay theme and layout war files

Content Targeting (Metadata and Categorization)

should be able leverage this capability.

I think this addresses more the content below the portal page level which is really just there as the site structure (skeleton).  Applications/portlets should be able leverage content targeting rules to drive what content shows up

Applications should also be able to use content which has shown up in order to reverse retrieve metadata in order to dynamically generate navigation etc.

Content Staging

should be able leverage this capability

We should be able to visualize the site at least in part (maybe place holders for applications or possibly useing WSRP to pull them in for preview) without actually modifying the site structure of liferay portal

Site Templating

should be able leverage this capability

This should come pretty close to free with WCM

Site Preview
Ability to virtualize the site and preview a collection of changes as they would look if they were deployed to the live environment. This is tricky when the site is a portal page not a rendered HTML file.  What this means and how it tied to a portal should be something of a debate. 

Content Lifecycle Management

As stated in the WCM plan
'Portal Pages' should be able leverage this capability

Content / Portal page / Theme and Layout artifact Deployment
should be able leverage this capability

Topologies for Liferay and Alfresco via JCR

Alfresco JCR  can be comsumed in many different configurations. We'll try to document the obvious ones here as it applies to lifeay portal

The following is not intended to cover all of the mechanism which can be used to access Alfresco, it is inteded to cover the mechanisms which are presently available for accessing Alfresco via the JCR interface.

About the Author
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