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Alfresco replaced Lucene with Solr in 4.0, and in 5.0.b Lucene has been removed.


Some notes about Lucene

  • Wild card searches with wild card elements '*' or '?' at the start are allowed; however they are not exposed in the standard QueryParser.
  • Wild card elements are not allowed in phrase searches.
  • The sloppy phrase match appears to be ordered but is not.
  • We would need something extra to implement an XPath based query.
  • The index has positional information for each token in a field.
  • We could make use of this to do our own structured path query as it effectively encodes depth.
  • The same mechanism can be used to insert synonyms.
  • There can be more then one term at the same position.
  • Alternatively synonyms can be handled on the query building side.
  • We could use a similar idea to encode inheritance of both type and mix-ins.
  • Multi-valued fields are treated as if they were tokenised in phrase searches.

The Lucene book is very good, much better that the web site and the project documentation.
I recommend you read it.