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Community Contribution Ideas

Project Description

The idea here is that as we build up the types of components and integrations that are valuable for an open source community like chat, forums, knowlege base, wiki etc (which makes alfresco a perfect platform for open source projects) that we also offer the capability to track and quantify a users contributions.

We could this capability to see how our community is contributing and where it is not.  we offer high scoring community members and associated organizations (perhaps) some sort of bonus.  Maybe some sort of training, discounts, whatever.  There are many possibilities.

Project Requirements/Objectives

The use case is as follows:

  • Ability to track different types of contributes
  • Ability to configure and the types and wieghts of certain contributions
  • Ability to formulate a community activity score

Initial Project Scope

<outline the initial project scope>

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach

<discuss the design/implementation appriach from this project>


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