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The official documentation is at:

Alfresco Mobile


Your tablet or smartphone is useless without access to the corporate content that you need to work with.  Alfresco Mobile is a free mobile document management app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, which enables you to view all your content stored in your Alfresco on-premise or Alfresco in the cloud account. View, open and edit documents in other apps, collaborate on content, initiate and complete workflow functions, assign and monitor tasks, and accomplish many other activities essential to mobile document sharing.

Mobile SDK

The Alfresco API allows developers to build custom applications for the enterprise - desktop, cloud or mobile - against the Alfresco in the cloud platform. The Alfresco Mobile SDK is an additional optional interface layer specifically for mobile app development and is available for both iOS and Android developers, and provides everything you need to build unique ECM mobile solutions.

  • The Alfresco Mobile SDK provides the capability to connect to both on-premises servers and Alfresco cloud.
  • The Client API provides a library allowing quick incorporation of access to Alfresco servers within mobile applications.
  • We provide a sample app, an example of how the Client API can be used in a typical app integration.
  • Tutorials and forum/wiki support available for first-time developments/integrations.
  • Supports Alfresco Enterprise versions 3.4.x and above.
  • iOS SDK requires iOS 5.1 and above to run, and Xcode 4.3.3 and above for building and running the sample app.
  • Android SDK requires Android 4.0 and above to run.





Since Alfresco Mobile 1.5 the majority of technical documentation has been moved to Alfresco Mobile Github Wiki or Alfresco Mobile SDK Github Wiki

In this page most relevant links redirect to those new wiki.

Few remaining wiki pages here are kept for history reasons (before Alfresco Mobile 1.5) and are marked as deprecated

Alfresco Mobile for Android

Android SDK

Android Development Overview

Historically this project used Maven as build system with Android Maven Plugin. At that time it was the best choice to build an Android application. Regarding the evolution of Android and Android tools we decided to switch to Gradle .

So starting from version 1.5 the Alfresco Android Application can be build only with Gradle and Android Studio.

Alfresco Mobile 1.5+

Android Dev Links

Alfresco Mobile 1.0 to 1.4.1 (Deprecated)



Source Code