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Navigation Service

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The official documentation is at:

Core Repository Services

Navigation Service

This is not required and split into ResultSet wrappers for Node and ChildAssocRef collections.

getNodes(NodeRef context, String xpath, NamespaceResolver nsr, boolean primaryParentOnly)


This service supports common navigation methods which all return result sets.

  • General Queries
    • Lucene
    • XPath
  • Navigating to children
  • Navigating to parents
  • Navigating to categories
  • Navigating within Categories
ResultSet getChildren(NodeRef nodeRef, EnumMode {CATEGORYMEMBERS, CHILDREN, ALL}, EnumDepth {IMMEDIATE, ANY} );

ResultSet getChildren(NodeRef nodeRef, QNamePattern pattern);

ResultSet getParents(NodeRef nodeRef, boolean primaryOnly);

ResultSet getNodes(NodeRef nodeRef, String xpathExpressin);

ResultSet getCategories();

ResultSet getCategory(QName qname);

This just requires a result set based on a list of ChildAssociationRefs or NodeRefs to implement + a node service reference.

The query API should also be exposed here and could be subsumed.