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Newsletter 201309

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Welcome to our quarterly news roundup where the Alfresco community team brings you highlights from around the world of Alfresco...

In this issue:

  • Take the Alfresco Community Survey
  • Alfresco 4.2.d Community Edition is Out
  • Enterprise and Community Edition Documentation Now Separate
  • Other News From Around the Community
  • How-To Videos for Alfresco Community Edition
  • Join Us for Live Office Hours
  • Latest on Alfresco Summit
  • Community Contributor Spotlight

Take the Alfresco Community Survey

Whether you are an Enterprise subscriber, a Community Edition user, partner, or employee, the Alfresco community team wants to hear how we can
continue to improve the ecosystem. Take the survey today and be entered to win one of two $250 Amazon gift cards.

Alfresco 4.2.d Community Edition is Out

Alfresco 4.2.d Community Edition was released on August 30th. Kevin Roast describes some of the new features in Alfresco Community Edition 4.2.d in this blog post.

Alfresco 4.2.d includes support for CMIS 1.1 and brings the Alfresco Public API on-premise. This blog post highlights some important changes to CMIS and points to newly-updated examples.

Enterprise and Community Edition Documentation Now Separate

The documentation team has been busy making it easier for you to determine which piece of documentation is relevant to your specific product. Going forward, Enterprise-specific documentation continues to live here. The documentation specific to Alfresco Community Edition lives here.

Other News From Around the Community

There are a lot of people blogging about Alfresco. Follow them all on our blog site. Here are some recent posts you might be interested in.

Testing Add-Ons in Alfresco 4.2, by Will Abson

Will Abson talks about testing a selection of Add-Ons against 4.2 Enterprise prior to its release and gives advice to developers on making sure their listings on our Addons site are up-to-date.

Customizing the Share Header, Parts 1 & 2, by Dave Draper

The new 4.2 user interface features a new header bar. In these two posts, Dave Draper shows how to add and remove items to and from the header bar - see part 1 and part 2.

How-To Videos for Alfresco Community Edition

Check out this playlist on YouTube. It covers everything from basic end-user stuff like how to start a workflow to administrative tasks, such as how to configure LDAP and email.

Join Us for Live Office Hours

Richard and I have been doing office hours about every two weeks. In these informal discussions we try to answer your questions about Alfresco and the Alfresco community. Our next office hours will be September 27 at 10AM EDT.

Latest on Alfresco Summit

We are thrilled to be able to announce the keynote speakers and analysts who agreed to speak at Alfresco Summit this year. In Barcelona we will
hear from Jimmy Wales, Simon Wardley, and Hanns Köhler-Krüner. In Boston we will be joined by Andrew McAfee, Dries Buytaert, and Stephen O'Grady.

You can review the session details for Alfresco Summit here.

If you need help convincing your boss, choose from one of several letter-to-your-boss templates depending on the type of boss you have.

Don't delay registering, as the Last Chance discount ends on September 20.

Community Contributor Spotlight

It is fun to get to know others in our community. This time, l'd like you to meet Ian Crew who is the Platform and Services Manager at the University of California at Berkeley's Research.

What does the Alfresco community mean to you?

'Really it's more about the moral support and community of people who really get what I'm experiencing than anything else. Peter Monks spent a
lot of time with me when I was getting started, so it feels good to pay it forward a little bit.'

Until Next Time: Do Great Work!

That's it for now. I hope this was helpful. If you have feedback on this newsletter or anything else happening in our global Alfresco community,
please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I look forward to seeing you online and in-person!

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