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Other Content Management Systems

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Competitive CMS Products
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Commercial Vendors

Plumtree - Portal, Content Server and Collaboration Server

Interwoven - LiveSite and TeamSite

Open Text - LiveLink and LiveLink for Collaboration

Documentum - EMC-Documentum and eRoom

Microsoft SharePoint

IBM DB2 Content Manager

IBM DB2 Content Manager

IBM DB2 Content Manager OnDemand - This is their storage and records management / archiving software

woodwing Tight integration with Adobe product suite consisting of content repository and workflow engine

Media Surface

SmartDocs Fujtisu Services


Vignette - VCM (web content mgmt), VBCS (collaboration), VRD (records & document mgmt) and IDM (imaging)

Oracle UCM

Open Source

Drupal -  Drupal, an open source content management platform. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal can support a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.

Magnolia Content Management Suite (ECM) - LGPL, community driven, based on JSR-170  (Apache CLA)

DSpace is a combined Open Source project between MIT and HP. See also DSpace.

InfoGlue - GPL, community

ExoPlatform - LGPL, Portal system with content management system and JSR-170 facade

Ion - GPL (last touched 2002)

OpenCMS - LGPL, closed contribution

Jahia - Collaborative source (not OSS)

Joomla! - GPL, Joomla! spun off from Mambo, WCM framework supported by active community, comes with many components, templates, modules, plugins and mambots (acting on content scripts), LAMP or WAMP

eAdmin/OWX - LGPL, ?

MMBase - Mozilla, closed contribution

Apache Lenya - Lenya Overview, Local installation

OSS CMS For Universities Presentation

Nuxeo ECM Application Framework - Zope converting to JEE, OSGi component based, service oriented, JBoss Seam, POJO, Eclipse RCP, JCR, jBPM, ...

Apache Cocoon - Cocoon Overview

Daisy - Apache, based on Cocoon

Fedora - Not related to Red Hat, Digital content management fully powered with Web Services.

RedHat CMS - Red Hat ccm - dead

Aplaws - GPL, based on Red Hat ccm, geared towards the needs of british local authorities

Byline - GPL, ccm fork, not much activity

Cofax - LGPL, community

Webman - LGPL, closed (last updated 2003)

webEditor - Dead?

Slide - Apache, community

JackRabbit - Apache, community

Xinco DMS - Apache, community

FLEX-db - Digital Asset Manager (Sourceforge)

OpenBlueLab - OpenBlueLab aims at providing a complete ERP & CRM  full web portal, Open Source, based on UML models, without writing any line of code. Generated through the MDA approach, a Reference Implementation based on Cocoon (Java) is currently available.


Editorial Systems / Publishing Platforms

Other Publishing Tools

  • PCI Scriba
  • Metagrove