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Preview Release 4

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The official documentation is at:

Preview Release 4

This release is still an evaluation release and is not fully functional or intended for production use.

Enhancements since Preview Release 3:

  • Network drive location link from web client launches local file manager (requires extension for Firefox)
  • Firefox extension to launch file:// links in desktop application
  • Image transformations using ImageMagick integration
  • Added FTP server to allow file access using standard FTP clients
  • Better fail over and load balance support in the file server passthru authenticator
  • New Acegi NTLM passthru authentication


  • Improved performance for index merging (Preview Release 3 had these changes reversed out from Preview Release 2). AR-47
  • Workaround for poor performance in long-running transactions due to missing table index

The graphics transformation as provided uses ImageMagick.  In the Windows bundles, a static executable imconvert.exe is included and needs to be placed somewhere in the path (e.g. c:\windows).  If you install ImageMagick separately, you will need to copy or rename the standard convert.exe to imconvert.exe - this is to avoid conflicts with the Windows convert command.

On Linux, you will need to install ImageMagick ( and add a symbolic link, for example:

ln -s /usr/bin/convert /usr/bin/imconvert

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