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Preview Release 5

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The official documentation is at:

Preview Release 5

This release is still an evaluation release and is not fully functional or intended for production use.

Important changes since Preview Release 4:

  • Developer Guide and Wiki updated - developers please read!

  • Public Alfresco service names have been renamed for consistency (AbcService etc.)
  • Spring bean configuration files now follow the naming convention abc-context.xml
  • First version of the Alfresco Web-Services API:

  • Repository Java API tidy up and improvements:

  • Example PHP client for accessing repository via web-service interface
see remote-api package in source distribution

  • Included Eclipse 3.1 Project files with the Alfresco source code bundle
  • Model XML split. The Alfresco content model has been split into several different files and namespaces. The data-dictionary services have been updated to reflect these changes:

systemModel.xml – low level repository (implementation)
contentModel.xml – the content domain model (perhaps to be standardized one day)
applicationModel.xml – application specific constructs (services provided by application)

Namespaces (and common prefixes) are as follows:
-  (sys prefix)
-  (cm prefix)
-  (app prefix)

  • WAR file name is now called alfresco.war

NOTE: If you deploy the war from source (rather than use a standard Alfresco installation package) then you must clear out the web-client stuff from your appservers before deploying the new WAR file:

- Delete <tomcat-home>/webapps/web-client.war
- Delete <tomcat-home>/webapps/web-client
- Delete <tomcat-home>/work

- Delete <jboss-home>/server/default/deploy/web-client.war


  • Added a redirect JSP page in the root of the web app so you can now use a simple start URL in Tomcat:

  • Actions previously executable only through rules can now be executed directly on specific documents e.g. converting between formats and workflow
  • Many more web-client screen settings moved to configuration files
  • More repository settings moved to configuration files
  • Additional I18N support for the web-client:
framework improvements to support a different language per user logged into the client
more strings moved to the messages properties file
error messages string in the client can now be internationalised

  • Advanced Search UI improvements
  • Rule/Action framework improvements
  • Support for additional mime-types
  • Ordered associations now supported in the Repository
  • Authentication added to upload/download content servlets
  • Inline-editing now explicit and can be toggled for HTML documents
  • Addition of the 'Content Managed by Alfresco' logo button to <page> tag output.
All standard web-client JSPs will therefore include the button and text automatically.

  • ExternalAccessServlet added to allow direct URL access to a few web-client screens
  • Caching abstraction layer added to support different caching technologies


  • System folders are no longer shown in the client UI or in the CIFS folder list
  • Fixes to 3rd party libraries used to extract text from Word and Excel documents (no more exceptions)
  • CIFS interface now working directly in Microsoft Word (CIFS mapped drives accessible from Word)
  • CIFS interface stability and login issue improvements
  • FTP interface support for additional common FTP list commands and other bug fixes and improvements
  • Better error handling in the web-client wizards
  • Many other minor bug fixes in both web-client and repo
  • Performance improvements in both client and repo

The graphics transformation as provided uses ImageMagick

  • In the Windows bundles, a static executable imconvert.exe is included and needs to be placed somewhere in the path (e.g c:\windows) If you install ImageMagick separately, you will need to copy or rename the standard convert.exe to imconvert.exe - this is to avoid conflicts with the Windows convert command
  • On Linux, you will need to install ImageMagick ( and add a symbolic link, e.g 'ln -s convert imconvert'

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