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Preview Release 6

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The official documentation is at:

Preview Release 6

This release is still an evaluation release and is not fully functional or intended for production use.

Major changes since Preview Release 5:

  • Language Packs: first iteration on supporting different languages in the web-client.  See the Forum for news on packs and translations in progress.  See Language Pack Installation for more details.
    • All visible strings are now externalized into language properties files.
    • All client pages now support UTF-8 encoding.
    • The client supports language per user (language selection added to login page)
    • Multi-byte character support displaying and entering charactes
  • Known Issues with I18N support
    • Currently there is a problem with the JBoss Portal version of the web-client. The user is not able to enter multi-byte characters into Form fields at present. The TomCat deployment works fine. We are working with the JBoss Portal developers to fix the issue.
  • Export and Import tool: see details in Export and Import Tools.


Actions and Rules

  • Actions and rules can be executed asynchronously.
  • Actions and rules can now have a compensating action set which is executed when failure occures.
  • An action execution history is now maintainined on a node.  This records the current state of an executed action, the title of the action executed and any error details should the action fail. More information will be added here in future releases.
  • The overall failure behaviour of actions and rules has been improved.
  • Note: the UI does not yet make full use of the new capabilities


  • BDE-12: Added jibx-run.jar to the classpath
  • Fixed issue where only a single file could be uploaded in JBoss Portal client before the login page was shown again - see this forum post for more details:
  • All Alfresco Repo and Alfresco Generic JSF UI components now correctly support value binding for display labels - for I18N support.
  • Other minor web-client UI bug fixes.


  • Schema changes: A column has been added to the child_assoc table.  If you upgrade on an existing database, see the following forum entry

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