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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

This is a developer/community member notebook page - not an official alfresco page.

The formula

The Speed of Trust: Steven Covey Jr


R = T(SxE)

80% Tax - Nonexistent Trust

  • Dysfunctional Environment, open warfare, lawsuits, criminal behavior
  • Militant Stakeholders
  • Intense Micromanagement
  • Redundant Hierarchy
  • Punishing Systems and structures

60% Tax - Very Low Trust

  • Unhealthy working environment
  • Unhappy Employees and stakeholders
  • Intense political atmosphere with clear camps
  • Excessive time wasted defending positions
  • Painful micromanagement and bureaucracy

40% Tax - Low Trust

  • Common CYA behavior
  • Hidden agendas
  • Militant stakeholders
  • Bureaucracy and redundancy in systems and structures
  • Political camps with allies and enemies

20% Tax - Trust Issues

  • Some bureaucratic rules and procedures
  • Unnecessary hierarchy
  • Slow approvals
  • Misaligned systems and structures
  • Some dissatisfied employees and stakeholders

No Tax / No dividend  (Trust NOT an issue)

  • Healthy workplace
  • Good communication
  • Aligned systems and structures
  • Few office politics

20% Dividend (Trust as Asset)

  • The focus is on work
  • Effective collaboration and execution
  • Positive partnering relationships with employees and stakeholders
  • Helpful systems and structures
  • Strong creativity and innovation

40% Dividend (World Class Trust)

  • High collaboration and partnering
  • Effortless communication
  • Positive, transparent relationships with employees and all stakeholders
  • Fully aligned systems and structures
  • Strong innovation , engagement, confidence, and loyalty