Release 1.0

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Release 1.0

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Release 1.0

Major changes since Release Candidate 2:

  • Additional PHP and WebServices code examples
  • Adminstration Node Browser component available at:

This component is useful for debugging and as a teaching guide to the repo.


  • Lists used in UI for actions/conditions and edit user roles have improved look and feel
  • Confirm password field added to Create New User wizard
  • Simple Search and Advanced Search now only accept a minimum of 3 characters for a valid search. This is a configurable setting in the web-client-config.xml
  • Templating API enhancements. Added new methods to allow XPath and Name path query searching for child nodes.
  • Extra info on export error messages.


  • Repository web-services missing methods implemented
  • Import/Export fixes for null values, resolution of path, node ref pointing back to root of export
  • AuthenticationServlet now correctly saves redirect URL for use after login (i.e. if you navigate to a specific JSP page which requires login, you will be forwarded to the correct page after successful login)
  • CIFS fixes
  • Minor UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • Performance improvements to indexing process


  • There are changes to JavaScript and CSS files - please clear your temporary internet files browse cache!
  • The start up scripts now assume that MySQL (or whatever database is being used) is already running.  You may wish to configure MySQL to start as a Windows service.

Known Issues:

  • The default number of entities held in the L2 ehcache.xml has been increased; Please ensure that you run with at least 512MB of memory or reduce the size of the caches.
  • Within the Enterprise version, usernames and passwords must be lowercase because of the default server's setup of case sensitivity (this has been fixed for the next release).
  • On startup of the server a Lucene 'FileNotFoundException' occurs for: ..alf_data/lucene-indexes/workspace/SpacesStore/index/segments. This happens because the indexer starts before the segments directory has been created, and is non-serious. This has been fixed for the next release.

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