Release 1.1.1

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Release 1.1.1

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The official documentation is at:

Release 1.1.1

Major changes since Release 1.1:

  • Fix for Oracle empty string/null issue
  • JCR Level 2 API additions - simple version history support, System View Import, Document View Import


  • Added transformer that can run native executables to perform transformations
  • Expanded URL addressability of the web-client:

  • Added servlet to allow direct processing of Templates against nodes (and the default template model) with streaming of the result to the output stream (see link above)
  • Content web service API refactored
  • Aspect definitions can now have mandatory aspects
  • Added support for 'displayLabelId' attribute in Advanced Search meta-data config (as requested on the forums)


  • Fix for Oracle empty string/null issue
  • Fix to Company Home renaming issue AR-318
  • Fix to JBoss portlet issues with authentication getting lost and expired ticket handling
  • Fixes to handling of AccessDeniedException for the TemplateNode and Path objects
  • Fix in DownloadContentServlet - was not URL encoding filenames for some generated URLs
  • Fix to URLEncoder issues with UTF-8 characters for download content links and WebDav generated links
  • Fixes/improvements for handling of author/creator in the repository and the web-client:

- added new aspect called 'cm:author' with a single text property 'cm:author'
- fixed the content meta-data extractors to set the new cm:author property rather than the system cm:creator property
- fixed the web-client to set the new cm:author property rather than the cm:creator property from user entered data into the UI

  • Upgraded PDFBox from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2. Fixes AR-316 - up to 10x faster when indexing some PDF docs
  • Fix for AR-314, multiple category rules were not appending additional categories
  • Missing properties no longer cause error messages in document properties screen
  • Other fixes - please see JIRA


  • There are changes to JavaScript and CSS files - please clear your temporary internet files browser cache!
  • Upgraded MyFaces impl from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1

Upgrading from V1.0:

See this forum sticky:

Known Issues:

  • In <config>/alfresco/content-services-context.xml you may have to modify the transformer.ImageMagick command to suit your OS.
  • Enterprise/Pro only - the Admin user must enter the Groups Management page (from the admin console) before other users may use/query for Groups on other pages in the web-client.

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