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Release 1.1

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Release 1.1

Major changes since Release 1.0:

  • Permissions framework moved from Pro/Enterprise into Open version - see Security and Authentication
  • Groups and Groups Managements (Pro/Enterprise only) - see Security and Authentication
  • Refactoring of Templating framework from web-client code into a Repository Service.
  • Advanced Search configurable custom meta-data searching

  • Dashboard and templating enhancements

All spaces and documents can now be previewed against a template using the new Preview In Template action.
Dashboards (e.g. templates) can now be applied to any Space through the Space Details page.
Dashboard View mode now available for Spaces that have had a Dashboard applied.

  • Simple XML processing functionality added to FreeMarker template processing

  • Auto-version on save of document


  • Improved UI (made consistent) for selected items tables
  • Improvement to Template UI error handling
  • File and folder unique name checking
  • Many minor web-client UI enhancements
  • Meta-data extraction via action
  • Default permissions for a new user Home Space now configurable via web client config
  • Open Document Format meta-data extraction (contribution by Antti Jokipii)
  • Specific int/long/float/double tokenization support for search indexes
  • Improved pager component
  • Manage Space Users screen now allow setting of Inherit Parent Permissions state
  • Signficant UI improvements to the Advanced Search screen.
  • Simple and Advanced Search matching improvements:

Handling of leading wildcard '*' character - means you can now use it again at the start of a word for a loose match (it is no longer escaped!) also a leading wildcard can now be used in a multiple word search prepending any or all of the individual search terms.

  • Content Mimetype now indexed and can be searched against
  • New Action condition - Compare Mimetype
  • Added option to specify whether checkin should be minor or major
  • Added Specialise Action UI and added Wiki docs for creating custom action UI

  • UI Menu/action layout reorganisation
  • Dictionary models can now be stored and bootstraped directly from the repository
  • Ability to consistently open Office docs (doc, dot, xls and ppt) in edit mode when launched via a webdav url. Configurable in web-client-config.
  • Ability to break inheritance hiearchy for permissions on a folder, this allows the creation of a more private folder below a public one.


  • Fixed bug in Search phrase search (e.g. multiple words within a quoted string 'one two three' was broken)
  • Export of a template space fixed for JBoss
  • Fixed upload bug (full path of uploaded file was shown sometimes)
  • CIFS browsing fixed when systemFolders present
  • Fix to issue where sorting selection was not remember when navigating around spaces
  • Improvements to error handling when displaying search results in the browse screen - searching is no longer broken by missing nodes.
  • Several fixes to user Home Space creation/modification via User Management screen
  • Fix Lucene issue causing index corruption (Bug LUCENE 415)
  • Reduced data stored in the Lucene index
  • CIFS fix for the MS Office app save problem where documents are saved to a new temp file then old/new versions are renamed
  • Lucene indexer fix for Chinese as posted on the forum
  • Delete Person now detects external authentication (e.g. NTLM) and only deletes the user auth if appropriate (Enterprise only)
  • Several WebService examples fixed
  • Simplified JavaScript and DHTML used to handle user interaction with our drop-down menus in the client - this gives better support for weaker browsers such as Safari.
  • Fixes problem where CIFS server does not appear in network neighborhood as the host announcements were not being sent out
  • Many other fixes - please see JIRA


  • There are changes to JavaScript and CSS files - please clear your temporary internet files browser cache!
  • There is a new Win32NetBIOS.dll

Upgrading from V1.0:

See this forum sticky:

Known Issues:

  • In <config>/alfresco/content-services-context.xml you may have to modify the transformer.ImageMagick command to suit your OS.
  • Enterprise/Pro only - the Admin user must enter the Groups Management page (from the admin console) before other users may use/query for Groups on other pages in the web-client.

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