Release 1.4.5

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Release 1.4.5

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The official documentation is at:

1.X Releases

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 1.4.5 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Enterprise Content Management

In addition to the file bugs and fixes below, Alfresco 2.1.1E provides a number of enhancements to Alfresco clustering.  For customers using Alfresco in a cluster, Alfresco 2.1.1E should be consider a mandatory upgrade.

AR-1515 Lucene sort issue: throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AR-1413 CIFS, WebDAV and FTP clients need to be resilient to missing nodes 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AR-1366 InvalidNodeRefException when accessing directory via CIFS 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AR-460 System concurrency fixes 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise

          Web Client
AWC-1531 Link shown for a space in which user is restricted from seeing 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AWC-1379 Setting Guest Location to Guest Home throws error 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AWC-1378 Changing Guest start location does not change location 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AWC-1347 Deleting a parent category leaves orphaned categories and breaks search 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AWC-1314 Document properties containing Euro sign ? is not displayed (using Freemarker) if accessed externally via URL 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise
AWC-1146 javax.faces.FacesException when viewing details on a linked document 1.4 1.4.5 Enterprise

In addition to the above noted bug fixes, 1.4.5 also includes the following important fixes:

  •   Improvements to index-tracking in clusters
  •   Fixed primary child node status
  •   Indexes for QName on alf_child_assoc
  •   Improvements to index recovery process and configuration
  •   Improved index token analysis
  •   Updated Kerberos support
  •   Improved Freemarker caching and charset handling
  •   Link objects respect permissions of their target
  •   Events are no longer fired on parent when a child is added