Release 2.0 WCM BETA

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Release 2.0 WCM BETA

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Issues Anticipated to Close for Alfresco 2.0 GA

  •   WCM-28.  Editing an XML file not generated by a Web Form causes a null pointer exception.
  •   WCM-101.  Email notification in out-of-the-box workflow currently not enabled.  Requires manual transition of notification task.
  •   WCM-100.  Cut/Copy/Paste do not work within a sandbox
  •   WCM-104.  Move/Cut/Copy/Paste do not work between an Alfresco space and and a sandbox.
  •   WCM-117.  Web Forms currently do not handle multi-byte content.
  •   WCM-142.  Web Forms currently not localizable.
  •   WCM-190.  Task Dialog show file actions for directories.
  •   WCM-217.  Temporary sandboxes associated with individual workflow tasks exposed through CIFS interface; remain after completion of workflow.
  •   WCM-223.  Entering a file extension in the Create Web Content wizard causes double-up of file extensions in the name of the generated XML asset.
  •   WCM-235.  Date fields in Web Forms do not support Locale display format.

Issues Under Investigation to Close for Alfresco 2.1 GA

  •   WCM-77.  Content contained within sandboxes are not currently indexed and exposed via search.

Other Known Issues to Resolve

  •   WCM-49.  Content Rules currently not supported for sandbox folders.
  •   WCM-225.  Cannot edit a Web Form when pasted outside the Data Dictionary.
  •   WCM-240.  Alfresco export capabilities do not support exports of Web Projects.
  •   WCM-244.  Alfresco Audit Services are not enabled for Web Projects.
  •   WCM-262.  Alfresco AVM services not available via Web Services API.
  •   WCM-263.  Content within an Alfresco sandbox not accessible via the JCR API.
  •   WCM-264.  Associations not support for content types managed in an Alfresco sandbox.

Release Notes