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Release 2.1.2

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Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.1.2 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier maintanence release, Alfresco 2.1, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Enterprise Content Management

AR Fixes to handling of invalid web script definitions on startup of server.  Improved logging as well as show invalid web scripts in /service/index update page.
AR Contribution: Integrity checker ignores exceptions that would normally trigger transaction retries.
AR Fix to Template API where content was not retrievable from custom d:content properties on a node
AR Fix for potential time-based GUID issues
AR Fixed dependecy list for SDK for jug-lgpl-2.0.0.jar
AR Fix problem where an existing file is not truncated when opened for overwrite when using the older CIFS open file request, as used by
AR NodeRef + child path relative URLs support for DownloadContentServlet
AR JMX server connector is now lazily instantiated in the server context.
AR Include the alf_child_assoc.type_qname in the check for duplicate children.
AR-1217 OpenOffice connection is actively maintained
AR-1696 Support for long text in aspect names
AR-1807 Web Script JSON callback throws exception
AR-1830 Search not returning expected results for umlauts
AR-1832 Allow setting of timeout value in the Java webservices client
AR-1862 Failure to map Alfresco properties whose namespace prefix contains _ to jBPM variable
AR-1863 Major version's can now be created via the web service API;
AR-1873 Add Location to webscript response status
AR-1875 New Edition on a multilingual document when a rule is present on the parent space
AR-1879 JBPM Timer never fires
AR-1884 Improved Unicode wildcard processing
AR-1889 Added filtering of pseudo files when a partial wildcard search path is used, such as '*.csv'.
AR-1900 Extension was being lost and defaulting back to '.doc'
AR-1901 Fix for ML Text i Oracle
AR-1917 WebDav document url now available in Template/Script APIs
AR-1923 Fix audit date behaviour
AR-1940 WebDAV Excel and Powerpoint plugins open files in read-only
AR-1962 CIFS Server Does Not Truncate Existing File When Using smbclient
AR-1964 Myspaces URL encoding broken in IE7
AR-1977 /api/path/content web script doesn't work with AVM stores
AR-1978 Added support for SPNEGO to the CIFS passthru authenticator
AR-1985 SQL Server dialect is derived from Sybase dialect so needs additional no-op script
AR-2037 Javascript debugger does not work on OS X Leopard
AR-2041 NPE checks during indexing
AR-2043 XpathMetadataExtrator extracts empty strings
AWC Fix for File Upload message XSS issue
AWC Fix for handling of UTF-8 application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoded form arguments
AWC ML contribution fixes
AWC Added support for Range and Content-Range headers to support Download managers and Resume features for HTTP downloads
AWC Fix for 'Save to Alfresco' link disappearing in Office addin
AWC-1089 Nodes in the navigator component should be ordered alphabetically
AWC-1357 Improved message for assignment issue
AWC-1463 MyWebForms and MyWebFiles templates check for existence of stores
AWC-1578, AWC-14 Category picker fixes
AWC-1661 Cannot edit details of user who has had their home space removed
AWC-1662 NPE when searching for users
AWC-1677 Japanese User Search in the 'invite Users Wizard' does not work correctly
AWC-1686 WebClientPortletAuthenticator does not start usertxn when calling public services
AWC-1743 Generated phrase searches no longer escape values between the quotes
AWC-1753 Editing a Discussion shows 'new lines' as '
AWC-1792 AssociationEditor strange behavior on User Search
AWC-1795 The Utils.stripUnsafeHTMLTags method can corrupt safe HTML tags
AWC-1799 WebScript JSR168 authenticator calls security protected service inappropriately
AWC-1838 Changes to the User Details are not saved after logging out
AWC-853, AWC-935, AWC-1180, AWC-1660 Improvements to all web-client People pickers - function and performance
RM-31 LDAP auth; confusion with capital letters
WCM Improved cache use for large snapshots.
WCM This makes issuers compatible with clustering without a huge performance drop.
WCM Debugging output for getAPath(). Possible partial fix for LazyInitialization errors seen by some customers.
WCM Removes vary bad scaling behavior FS deployment receiver.
WCM Fixed sub optimal tree pruning in filesystem deployment.
WCM Fixes a number of problems with FS deployment. Should work on windows now.
WCM Missing AVM Store system descriptor properties prevents system startup
WCM Fixes transient submit failures when submitting deleted directories with no ancestors.
WCM Virtual Server fixes
WCM The linkvalidation service now provides a public API
WCM Additional indexes for AVM
WCM-1039 Problems with case insensitive name handling.
WCM-1051 Creating a web project with a non admin user and no invitees results in an 'empty' web project
WCM-790 Date conversion for metadata extractors
WCM-893 Now only users explicitly invited to a Web Project can see it in the web-client
WCM-934 Disabling link validation poller by setting poll interval to 0 causes NPE
WCM-940 XPath metadata extractor selector handles malformed and empty XML files
WCM-949 AVM content is not indexed correctly when you recreate a directory
WCM-967 Paths are not correctly ISO9075 encoded in the AVM index

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