Release 2.1.3

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Release 2.1.3

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Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.1.3 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier maintanence release, Alfresco 2.1, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Enterprise Content Management

WCM-1059, WCM-1137, WCM-1089, AR-2177 Locking issues on the create and edit web content wizards.
WCM-882 All metadata extracters can now handle zero length files
WCM-1090 Renditions generated by multiple forms do not submit correctly
WCM-1134 Editing rich text area, causes relative links to become absolute in IE
WCM-1138 Need a way to remove AVM locks through the UI
WCM-1158 Browse website may cause Alfresco to hang
AWC 1930 Support simple bind when building DNs that contain a comma
AWC-1935 Impossible to log out from Alfresco Add-in for Microsoft Office
AWC-1938 New workflow description field limited to 100 characters
AWC-1951 Navigator can not display the subfolders of a subfolder containing non ASCII
AWC-1964 Categories not being displayed correctly
AWC-1969 the alfresco office 2003 plugin can not be cleanly uninstalled
AR-2087 JavaScript document.isLocked returns function declaration rather than boolean
AR-2017 Content0 files present in system
AR-2145 ContentStore cleaner was not watching out for VM shutdowns; Removal of default root objects responsible for allowing unwanted java object instantiation, static method invocation and classloader access from Rhino integration; Introduced notion of a secure script - secure scripts have access to java.* libs and can instantiate Java objects
AR-2005 properties' naming in AbstractHomeFolderProvider
AR-2041 NPE checking voids during index tracking
AR-2054 Added guest support and mapping unknown users to guest logon to the NTLM filter. Configuration parameters are 'AllowGuest' and 'MapUnknownUserToGuest' boolean values.
AR-2069 WebService tickets are expired when upload and download sessions they have used are timed out
AR-2098 shorter URL form now has NTLM filter mapping example in web.xml
AR-2141 Problem copying large hierarchical folder structures
AR-2157 Integrity checking fails when target roles are present on child associations
AR-2163 Chaining authentication is broken by fixes to AbstractAuthenticationComponent
AR-2165 respect repository read-only setting during authentication
AR-2166 Display of tasks in MyAlfresco dashboard broken when using oracle
AR-2171 NPE restoring large hierarchy, also added logging of unknown exceptions during restore, also improved exception messages
AR-2122 Code re-entry paths through transaction resource interceptor cause data loss; fixes GUID on cm:name for large imports and Archive/Restore of large hierarchies
AR-2221 JavaScript scriptable Map objects recursively converted to Freemarker accessable maps
AR-2173 Do not recheck case of the user name when validating tickets (it has been done)
AR-2272 Module Management Tool distribution is broken
- Closing of servlet output stream in TemplateContentServlet
- Move the setting of the web app URL so that it does not require the local name token to be present. AR-1242.
Back port of fix from Alfresco JLAN NFS code, UID and GID values were read in the wrong order from the RPC request header.
Removed copy of mysql connector to tomcat distribution
Fixed pop-up task panel, when task has due date
- ImporterBootstrap doesn't use transaction retrying
- EHCache and JGroup patches and upgrades
- Performance optimization
- Fixes to transactional cache handling
- IndexInfo files now reopen when they close
- Used correct exception type for IO channel reopen logic
- Fix to Repository Web Service (queryAssociated) to allow reverse association lookup (ie. given target, get the source)
- CIFS Kerberos/AD support. AR-2076. Added new Enterprise CIFS authenticator config options :-

-  <kerberosDebug/> Enable the Sun JGSS/Kerberos debug output
- <disableNTLM/>   Do not advertise NTLMSSP support in SPNEGO mechTypes list.

- Office add-in client updates - More robust webdav auth connection; Quoted search terms escaped; Browser extension method showSettingsPanel(); Updates to CSS and layout for better cross-browser support; Fix for UTF-8 and quoted search terms
- Early warning for nodes indexed in the wrong store (ACT-964)
- Fixed problems in the native SMB and NetBIOS passthru session connection code not timing out the connection attempt.
- Added 'protocolOrder' configuration value to allow the passthru connection protocol to be specified. The default was

previoulsy NetBIOS then native SMB, using native SMB would make more sense to an AD server. Also allows NetBIOS, or
native SMB to be disabled.

- Added 'offlineCheckInterval' configuration value to allow the offline server checks to be run more frequently, the default

was previously hard coded at 5 minutes.

- Improve XForm rendering time by no longer calling updateDisplay() as each child field is added to a form VGroup. Fixes WCM-629
- Latest AMP changes for AR-2212: Redefined an AVM bean that was not present in 2.1.0
- Faster content store cleaner
- POI jar update to version 3.0.2
- MySpaces portlet fixes for Liferay

Release Notes
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