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Release 2.2.0

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New and Enhanced Features

Details of the new and enhanced features can be found here for the core services and  here for the WCM services.

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.2.0 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier maintenance release, Alfresco 2.1, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

AR-609 alfresco core contains
AR-786 Benchmark loading breaks user logins
AR-833 Warning from ehcache 1.2.2 (handing of defaults)
AR-1010 Outbound check out rule results in confused state
AR-1022 Update rules firing, when apparently nothing has been updated
AR-1043 Cannot open Open Office presentation from CIFS
AR-1152 Guest user should be able to log in with any password
AR-1160 If you delete a node that gets sent to the archive, the beforeDeleteNode and onDeleteNode policy gets fired twice
AR-1217 If OpenOffice becomes disconnected, reconnect works, but the transformer registry seems to have removed the transformer
AR-1366 InvalidNodeRefException when accessing directory via CIFS
AR-1392 audit java.sql.BatchUpdateException ORA12899
AR-1413 CIFS, WebDAV and FTP clients need to be resilient to missing nodes
AR-1466 Search sort fails with some index structures- may be a lucene issue
AR-1474 Linux installer doesn't replace @@ALFRESCO_DIR@@ everywhere in the startup scripts
AR-1488 Able to add content to a 'forum' space
AR-1496 org.alfresco.util.ApplicationContextHelper.closeApplicationContext() method should be static
AR-1519 Duplicate entry in archive store
AR-1526 Cannot open PDFs in 'My Network Places'
AR-1533 Index folders not tidied up as expected during FTP and CIFS import
AR-1538 Audit Interceptor should perform quick check for global enabled='false' config flag before performing any work
AR-1571 javascript fails execution with hebrew encoding
AR-1572 Export of a folder with ML content will reimport into another location but cannot browse into it due to error
AR-1585 SDK CustomJSP sample - fails at runtime when trying to display document details in the Web Client
AR-1586 Reapply same AMP gives exception
AR-1601 NTLM Passthrou authentication with null pointer exception
AR-1663 OnCopyCompletePolicy is only being executed once per transaction, and not once per node being copied.
AR-1686 KeywordSearch does not filter by locale
AR-1694 Lucene indexes are backed up into the dir.root
AR-1695 Index tracking on ADM must reindex ALL transactions from the missed one
AR-1702 Keyword search using WS Search API fails to retrieve documents
AR-1707 Web services do not properly escape some characters
AR-1720 Enable E4X extensions
AR-1756 Null pointer exception for org.alfresco.util.RuntimeSystemPropertiesSetter.postProcessBeanFactory
AR-1759 Space Rules are not propogating down a pasted space tree
AR-1762 Use ServletRequest.getServerName() instead of ServletRequest.getLocalName() in ContentWebService line 138
AR-1773 Registering a model problem.
AR-1778 putContent method in the org.alfresco.webservice.util.ContentUtils class fails to upload *.java, *.txt, *.xml/html files ok

with *.doc,*.pdf, *.jpg, *.zip

AR-1807 JSON callback throws exception
AR-1808 childrenByXPath() doesn't allow position query?
AR-1812 Can't have two schemas, bootstrap fails
AR-1827 Command-line export creates bad ACP file
AR-1828 createUsers SOAP call is not thread-safe
AR-1837 Error aborting rejected workflow in clustered environment
AR-1840 alf_audit_fact.return val column too small for some event
AR-1842 Error message appears when checking links on Web Project page
AR-1845 Error message appears when creating or adding new content in space with 'Check Out' rule
AR-1848 Properties for Web Forms are displayed not correctly after deleting any Web Form
AR-1849 Error message appears on Manage Task: Verify Broken Links page
AR-1850 Chaining sample
AR-1856 Import of ACP inside a space with rule fails
AR-1871 Modifing ML property value (such as cm:description) causes classcastexception in OnUpdateNodePolicy.onUpdateNode()
AR-1875 New Edition on a multilingual document when a rule is present on the parent space
AR-1882 Error message appears when trying to Approve WCM workflow on server C
AR-1885 CIFS Path limit
AR-1886 Impossible to audit NodeService.setProperties(NodeRef, Map) in an Oracle 10gr2 environment
AR-1888 Not full list of possible features appears when trying to create a rule and select 'Add aspect to am item'
AR-1890 License details lost causing server to be in read-only mode
AR-1894 Error message appears when trying to open Manage Adhoc Task, which creator was deleted
AR-1895 org.alfresco.sample.webservice.ContentReadAndWrite creates content the wrong way so that created content cannot be retrieved

by path afterwards.

AR-1902 Double posts when emailing to a document
AR-1903 Text attachments should be treated the same way as other attachments
AR-1904 Attachments via email should be allowed on forum posts
AR-1907 Move rule into folder with rules
AR-1909 OpenOffice bootstrap start fails with .... not found
AR-1923 Audit can stuff up the date used
AR-1927 Impossible to see Multilingual Content Info on server B for content, which was made multilingual on server A
AR-1932 Error message appears when trying to rename Forum Space
AR-1938 User is not informed about invalid characters when creating Space in My Spaces List
AR-1939 2.1.1 phpintegration module fails to install with version erro
AR-1956 ISNULL (and ISNOTNULL) do not work when the property is in an ASPECT
AR-1957 MS-Office temp files are versioned when using CIFS
AR-1973 Sort by cm:modified does not work
AR-1977 '/api/path/content web script doesn't work with AVM stores
AR-1996 custom-repository-context.xml.sample is incorrect
AR-2003 AVM Permission patches should report progress
AR-2006 problems with versioning nd Microsoft office documents in CIFS
AR-2016 Webdav : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: setAttribute: Non-serializable attribute
AR-2017 Content0 items found in advanced search
AR-2041 NPE on IndexTracking
AR-2046 Authentication chaining is broken by JMX additions and JMX support bean may fail to initialise
AR-2055 FileFolderService.makeFolders has incorrect permission check
AR-2060 Full index rebuild doesn't reindex OpenOffice documents
AR-2069 WebService tickets are expired when upload and download sessions they have used are timed out
AR-2072 when using aspect versionable, copying and deleting a document generates an exception Transaction didn't commit: nodeRef is

a mandatory parameter

AR-2079 ContentStoreCleaner causes OutOfMemory
AR-2093 uses AuthenticationServiceImpl instead of AuthenticationService
AR-2127 Patch hibernate to avoid out of memory issues as the ActionQueue executions list grows
AR-2128 Work around for hibernate thread local memory leak
AR-2129 ACL upgrade and changing on AVM is slow - need a better way to find nodes referenced by layering
AR-2130 Add to hibernate session management to only throw the unwanted stuff and keep earlier stuff in the session
AR-2133 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade fails with null qnames on avm store properties - they are not correctly mappeded to the .empty namespace
AR-2136 AVM set ACL should only cascade update AVM nodes if any ACL has versioned
AR-2137 Transaction isolation level is not reset in AVM permission patches
AR-2138 AVM permission patch requires to add SetPermission permission for ContentManagers (as the UI now does)
AR-2139 Oracle can not track AVM permission patch progress as it does not suport TX isolation level 1 (dirty read)
AR-2141 Exception org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.CopyServiceException: The aspect has not been added to the destination node.
AR-2154 ehcache-custom.xml.sample.cluster is incomplete
AR-2157 Child association's target's role makes very common code not work
AR-2165 Regress - cannot login when repo is in read-only mode
AR-2196 when uploading a large number of users (5000+) from LDAP the home older is not created correctly
AR-2212 Some data is not getting flushed to the database during large transactions
AR-786 Benchmark loading breaks user logins
AR-833 Warning from ehcache 1.2.2 (handing of defaults)
AWC-1149 Resource bundles in AMP files
AWC-1211 ResourceBundle not serializable prevent cluster session failover
AWC-1302 Modify categories page shows two links to add the item into a category - the one above the 1/2 stage box is rubbish
AWC-1303 Data Dictionary, Guest home and User Home not being translated with the chosen language.
AWC-1353 Incorrect displaying user interface text after switching to any language except English
AWC-1359 'Create' link doesn't work.
AWC-1361 The information in My Tasks (webscripts) component isn't displayed
AWC-1362 System error appears after deleting space and clicking on deleted space in navigator.
AWC-1363 Incorrect Boolean Search (syntax is the next: 'word +word1')
AWC-1367 Incorrect Boolean Search (syntax is the next: 'word +word1 -word3' and 'word -word3')
AWC-1368 Incorrect Boolean Search (syntax is the next: '-word')
AWC-1376 On clicking 'Close' button system returns on wrong page.
AWC-1380 Search results aren't saved after refusal to delete (recover) items.
AWC-1390 'Paste All' option doesn't work for Forum Spaces, Forums, Topics
AWC-1432 Recovery location is not shown on clicking 'Recover' button on 'Manage deleted items'
AWC-1443 Permissions problems in MySpaces web script
AWC-1461 Breadcrumbs bug with IE7
AWC-1462 Unfriendly error notification appears when you try to create space with the name containing '*' symbol
AWC-1465 Unable to select users during Invite to space.
AWC-1467 Don't control incorect name for 'Advanced Space Wizard'
AWC-1469 Impossibility of creation a new pooled task
AWC-1470 Empty line in the script file
AWC-1472 Wrong display of side bar in Navigator menu
AWC-1473 Incorrect display of Shelf bar
AWC-1484 Access denied when executing Beanshell
AWC-1488 Update function doesn't work in Document list, My Spaces List components
AWC-1491 It is impossible to upload the file in My Spaces List component
AWC-1515 E-mail doesn't reach user's mail box, if it was created with the help of templates (invite_user_email.ftl,


AWC-1519 Error message appears when user cancels creation of new discussion for content
AWC-1534 Error message appers when Search field is empty on 'Workflow Options' page
AWC-1547 homeFolderManager fails if client customizations have been specified
AWC-1548 Some symbols cause errors while searching users on Workflow Wizard page
AWC-1552 System Error message appears while clicking 'Manage Task' icon in 'All active task' component for the task, for which the user, who created the task, will be deleted.
AWC-1560 System Error message appears while clicking 'View Completed Task' icon in 'My Completed Task' component for the task, for which the user, whom this task was assigned to, was deleted.
AWC-1561 System Error message appears while clicking 'Manage Task' icon in 'My Task To Do' component for the task, for which the

user, who created this task, was deleted.

AWC-1566 Reapplying rules on a space even disabled rules are executed
AWC-1567 Allow dynamic reconfiguration of log levels, without a server restart
AWC-1572 The association target multiplicity has been violated Error
AWC-1576 In test for association is backward?
AWC-1578 Category picker when wrapped by Multi-Value editor displays editor too early
AWC-1588 Open Office Transformer exception is not thrown correctly:
AWC-1590 Incorrect Boolean Search (syntax is the next: '-trance')
AWC-1591 Incorrect Advanced Search (syntax is the next: '-trance')
AWC-1592 Impossibility to navigate to next and previous template with the help of 'Next Item' and 'Previous Item' buttons on

'Preview of Space' page

AWC-1598 The user can't be searched by first name, last name and first name with last name
AWC-1599 Impossibility to Start Advanced Workflow because of system error
AWC-1601 System Error appears after Dashboard configuration is finished and Configure link press again
AWC-1602 Create Space function in My Spaces List component doesn't work
AWC-1604 lucene query with wildcards
AWC-1606 Error message appears on 'User Homes' page
AWC-1608 Outcome for the task done is not display
AWC-1614 Impossibility to View in CIFS the content
AWC-1615 Generate 'class' attribute in multi value editor and not 'styleClass'
AWC-1616 Error message appears on 'Company Home' page
AWC-1630 NavigationBean patch which would enable additional navigation items in titlebar
AWC-1633 Unable to edit rule added via web service.
AWC-1636 WCM Task cause 500 error in MS Office Add-in
AWC-1637 Getting an error when auditng is switched on
AWC-1638 NullPointerException in Web Client when using Browse View (with missing model file)
AWC-1639 Workflow History doesn't render correctly with IE
AWC-1651 Referring to /alfresco/navigate/showDocDetails/ shows properties of parent node
AWC-1661 Cannot edit the details of a user who's home space has been deleted
AWC-1664 InvalidNodeRefException backtracking in Advanced Space Wizard
AWC-1672 Space/Folder links not shown in My Spaces WebScript
AWC-1690 Override navigation not working when we 'close search'
AWC-1693 In a client failover cluster, error shown when attempting to create a space
AWC-1697 Exception AccessDeniedException is thrown if guest user access Version History prop of a doc.
AWC-1705 Can not Cut a piece of content that has multilingual translations - Cut option is not shown
AWC-1706 Trying to give user accounts permissions (contributor, Consumer, etc) so that they can have rights to Edit, Check In,

Check Out

AWC-1711 All approve and reject actions for basic workflow should be restricted with 'WriteProperties' permission
AWC-1719 Need to alllow Rules to account for a space being deleted
AWC-1724 Alfresco fails to start after indexes auto rebuild
AWC-1728 It's impossible to find deleted item by content
AWC-1740 Alfresco Node Browser doesn't show all nodes
AWC-1748 Alfresco Web Client & Yale SSO(CAS) Integration
AWC-1750 User properties can be modified in Administration Console on Manage System users page, but it is not displayed in

External directory

AWC-1751 It is possible to delete User from the list on Manage System users page, but he is not deleted from External Directory
AWC-1760 Impossibility to enter Manage System Users page in Administration Console
AWC-1763 Impossibility to enter Export page in Administration Console
AWC-1768 Error message appears when trying to create content
AWC-1776 Direct downloads and deletes are not shown in Audit log
AWC-1777 Error message appears when trying to create Advanced Space Wizard'->Based on an existing space
AWC-1787 Bypass task security with pooled tasks
AWC-1807 User not involved in a workflow can accept or reject it.
AWC-1814 Modify categories: Layout-Problems
AWC-1831 Extensions cannot customize/add jscript root object for (alfresco/extension/*-context.xml)
AWC-1835 Error after pressing 'Login(guest)'
AWC-1836 Error message appears on clicking 'Cancel' button for 'Start discussions'option for Space and Content
AWC-1843 NullPointerException when using Create Space Wizard with configured type thats missing
AWC-1900 Error message appears on Configure Dashboard Wizard (Step1)
AWC-1915 All uses of JSF DataModel are broken following UI cluster changes
AWC-1957 Administrator is unable to add any user to 'Selected users/groups and their role(s)' list.
AWC-1961 On Advanced search page it is impossible to remove added category from the list
AWC-1962 User and his selected role for a Space does not display in the 'Selected users/groups and their role(s)' on Invite Users

Wizard page (Step1)

AWC-2022 Error message appears on clicking 'Cancel' button for 'Start discussions'option for Space and Content
AWC-237 Category-based content browsing
AWC-615 Test for cookies not working in Safari
AWC-794 HttpSession attributes are accessed after session invalidation when logging out
AWC-798 Error connecting as Guest ff the Guest users Home Space is deleted
AWC-821 Renaming a user's home space to an existing space results in same name spaces.
AWC-913 The example AJAX component can leave the summary panel on screen
WCM-1007 Close Search should return user to the Web Project View, not the user's sandbox
WCM-1009 Impossibility to go to Summary page on Create Web Project Wizard
WCM-1018 The GUI should disable the 'Check Links' control if the link validation service is disabled.
WCM-1019 2.2 WCM Task Resources showing all assets in sandbox instead of change set
WCM-1023 File Deployment Receiver fails due to missing class
WCM-1027 Error message appears trying to create Web Project
WCM-1033 Only the administrator user seems to be able to create new web projects
WCM-1034 Virt server JMX cannot connect to alfresco webapp due to bad spring config: ${}
WCM-1037 Update case handling in deploy compare logic to handle case-preserving nature of repos
WCM-1052 Error - Failed to signal transition 'reject' from workflow task
WCM-1058 The link validation service is not working with the new permissions in AVM
WCM-1066 PermGen error on 2.2 BETA using HSQL after heavy use
WCM-1069 Error message appears when user tries to create Web Project
WCM-1070 Need to take lock on asset when select for edit in web client for both form-generated and non-form generated assets
WCM-1079 Users with Content Reviewer role cannot approve content via workflow
WCM-1085 Content can be uploaded via FTP direct to the Staging Sandbox
WCM-1102 Assign a reviewer that does not belong to a web project will result in NPE when clicking on task
WCM-1105 Web Form Details in Web Project Edit is not functioning properly
WCM-1108 ACL upgrade from 2.1 -> 2.2 does not set permissions correctly
WCM-1109 WCM permission upgrade does not create a snapshot at the end
WCM-1110 WCM permission patch incorrectly sets store access for Content Managers - it should just set READ/CHANGE permissions
WCM-1111 WCM Staging area has 'change permissions' mask for Content Managers - they should also have 'read permissions '
WCM-1120 Impossibility to create Webapp Folder by user with content manager rights
WCM-1121 Error mesage appears when the user3 try to approve the task of WCM workflow
WCM-1151 Impossible to invite new user to the created project from Invite Web Project users page
WCM-1168 Content Managers Sandbox is still dispalyed in Web Project when this user is deleted from Manage System Users page
WCM-41 Need ability to create sites based on existing site
WCM-420 Staging snapshots from Today date filter sometimes disappear
WCM-437 Show Items per Page control in WCM sandbox view
WCM-460 CIFS AVM interface does not go through the nodeservice - no security applied to AVM file access
WCM-462 Cloning Web Projects
WCM-485 All content inside a web project is of type wcm:avmplaincontent
WCM-489 Limit view of available web projects
WCM-490 cannot create web project: Unable to prepare: Transaction is already prepared
WCM-501 Cannot install alfresco.war in Oracle Application Server
WCM-515 Picker widget should provide search capabilities
WCM-519 Widget level ACLs
WCM-527 Deployment targeting / veto
WCM-533 It should be possible to inject custom DeploymentCallback classes into the deployment process
WCM-548 Deployment reports needs to be saved along with each deployed snapshot
WCM-549 Need ability to preview older snapshots prior to deploying
WCM-554 In-line callouts should be able to reference a JSP stored and maintained in the Data Dictionary
WCM-560 Paste content as link for AVM stores
WCM-638 WCM GUI allows user to click 'submit selected' when no items are selected
WCM-663 Deployment UI should request a 'targetName' for file server deployments
WCM-665 Configuration for deployment should be in Spring not in web-client-config-wcm.xml
WCM-667 Need ability in GUI to see change set associated with each snapshot
WCM-675 Error message appears on try to create web content with the help of XML schema
WCM-691 Improvements to startup batch file for deployment server
WCM-70 AVM Needs security.
WCM-701 Changes to folder descriptions not tracked under Modified Items
WCM-708 Deployment receiver process should include a stop script
WCM-712 The task window should offer controls that approve or reject the task and complete the task in a single step
WCM-732 If we type an uppercase letter in a dns name, the virtualization server doesn't recognize it.
WCM-751 Incorrect error notification appears on trying to create two web projects with equal DNS names and 'Finish' button doesn't work.
WCM-774 Non-admin repository users cannot create content in an existing web project
WCM-783 Deployment receiver process doesn't write log output to disk on Windows
WCM-789 Content type relationships cannot be typed and the file picker widget is not enforcing type safety
WCM-793 Need ability to deploy in-progress changes to remote test server before pushing to staging
WCM-795 PermGen out of memory error after working for a bit on (rev 6642)
WCM-798 Undo Selected on an XML or Generated Asset doesn't Undo all related assets
WCM-815 Deployment report stack traces are not formatted correctly
WCM-817 Web Project cannot be undeleted properly
WCM-818 Regenerate renditions on web form throws exception
WCM-825 Alfresco Authoring Tool Search does not find Web Project Files
WCM-843 maxLength xsd restriction mapped to maxlength instead of maxLength on xformsNode
WCM-849 Add virtualization support to allow the ROOT directory location and name to be defined on a remote server.
WCM-855 Security issues with Folders uploaded via CIFS to WCM
WCM-863 Broken links checker returns NullPointerException
WCM-865 Optimistic locking failure caused by large submit
WCM-873 Exception when using Bulk Import simultaneous in two separate sandboxes in one web project
WCM-875 Exception when using Bulk Import into a sandbox with simultaneous file copy via CIFS
WCM-876 Exception while submitting sandbox during simultaneous copy operations
WCM-877 CIFS does not respect locking when configure CIFS to use AVMLockingAwareService
WCM-884 Recent snapshots in Staging Sandbox not listing snapshots for entire day
WCM-889 CIFS should mark all STAGING sandboxes as read-only
WCM-890 Need ability to filter view of available sandboxes based on user
WCM-901 file_picker annotation (alf:appearance) is not working anymore if wrapping the xs:anyURI into a xs:simpleType
WCM-905 xmlNodeModel gives ERROR if the object is referred directly in Web Script's FTL file
WCM-928 CIFS view onto replicated Web Projects does not show Web Projects
WCM-943 File deployment time increases with the number of directories being deployed.
WCM-946 FTP put to overwrite an existing WCM document doesn't register
WCM-948 Impossible to browse/access wcm project while submitting to Staging
WCM-952 WebForm: Integer value has to be provided for optional xs:integer element
WCM-959 Clicking on folder in modified items list in submit dialog causes error
WCM-961 'Release Server' action does not have a confirmation dialog
WCM-962 'Delete All Deploy Reports' action needs confirmation dialog
WCM-964 AVM Id issuers do not support rollback - these ids need to be DB generated as elsewhere
WCM-965 TinyMCE Insert Link's Browse button broken on IE
WCM-993 To edit default webfolder (Default Webapp:ROOT)

Release Notes