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Release 2.2 SP3

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Release Notes
2.x Releases

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.2 SP3 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier release, Alfresco 2.2 SP2, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Bug List

ETWOTWO-48 Cancelled import of war into a Web project and Web Project became unusable
ETWOTWO-246 Error message appears on clicking 'Cancel' button for 'Start discussions'option for Space
ETWOTWO-354 Copy : non seized properties on the source generate null properties on the copy
ETWOTWO-527 Error message appears on server B when category is deleted from server A
ETWOTWO-624 Adding new sandbox causes the modifier for all submitted items to change
ETWOTWO-634 System error happens when trying to open Manage Multilingual content page
ETWOTWO-636 Impossibility to go to Summary page on Create Web Project Wizard
ETWOTWO-723 Upgrade scripts for PostgreSQL 8
ETWOTWO-739 AuthenticationUtil - runAs - getCurrentUser and getCurrentEffectiveUser is confusing
ETWOTWO-763 AVM locking is not always against the correct store (it does not always strip to the staging area store)
ETWOTWO-770 _alfresco.url prevents removing a directory mounted by CIFS on a MAC client
ETWOTWO-781 Renaming WCM folders makes it a shared folder
ETWOTWO-810 SpringAwareUserTransaction incorrect check for propagation of transactions in read/write nested TX check
ETWOTWO-841 WCM - performance of invite web user (content manager) has regressed
ETWOTWO-872 no openoffice-startup-context.xml in installation files
ETWOTWO-892 Inviting/Deleting a single user to/from a webproject takes ~10 minutes
ETWOTWO-918 Webdav is not performing with NTLM authentication (not Passthru)
ETWOTWO-925 Adding users to a web project is slow due to permission setting
ETWOTWO-926 Inline callouts should be able to reference a web script maintained in the Data Dictionary
ETWOTWO-933 Staging sandbox should be read-only via CIFS / FTP, but allows writes
ETWOTWO-937 Regression Multi-Valued properties - nullpointerexception if only one value is set initially
ETWOTWO-939 Content Contributor cannot edit their own items
ETWOTWO-943 Impossible to open 'Manage Multilingual Content' page when 'New Edition' action was taken
ETWOTWO-944 Multi-Valued properties with only one initial value break freemarker templates
ETWOTWO-946 WARN logged every 5 seconds when virtual server not started
ETWOTWO-950 Forms with list control does not work in IE (6 & 7)
ETWOTWO-952 MLText properties not intercepted when calling addAspect and createNode ...
ETWOTWO-954 ORA-12899: during upgrade - ALF_CHILD_ASSOC.QNAME_LOCALNAME has got smaller
ETWOTWO-953 WCM - performance issue when displaying webforms in Sand box' modified Items (when using workflow)
ETWOTWO-960 Upgrade from 2.1.5 fails 'Data too long for column 'local_name''
ETWOTWO-972 Remove AVM Lookup Cache
ETWOTWO-973 Enable Logging of Leaked Transactions By Default
ETWOTWO-974 Submit Action Queue
ETWOTWO-976 Child key does not use case insensitive name
ETWOTWO-978 Switch off L2 Cache for Selected AVM Model Objects
ETWOTWO-981 WCM - regression - revert fails (eg. for content publisher)
ETWOTWO-982 Slow attribute service
ETWOTWO-984 Simultaneous Deployment to ASR & FSR results in a DuplicateChildNodeNameException in ASR
ETWOTWO-987 Various pages of the WCM related wizards (including all summary pages) do not display correctly
ETWOTWO-988 Upgrade to 2.2.2 on Oracle 'hangs' when the database is large
ETWOTWO-995 Diff performance degrades on large data sets
ETWOTWO-1003 DuplicateChildNameException not generated correctly on Oracle
ETWOTWO-1004 Editing Email-notify-rules fails w/ ClassCastException
ETWOTWO-1005 Upgrades from 2.1.7 and 2.2.1 failed on PostgreSQL
ETWOTWO-1008 AVM console - add option to specify tag and description when creating 'snap'shot
ETWOTWO-1011 Upgrade from 2.1C fails
ETWOTWO-1013 Script error on the bulk import action from Create menu on my sandbox page in IE7
ETWOTWO-1022 Virtual hyperlink DNS dealing is case sensitive
ETWOTWO-1058 WCM: org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists when submtiing 30 items concurrently
ETWOTWO-1078 WCM: Submtting to staging only completes if approving the workflow (Task Done) in Oracle but in MySQL it completes withing the time elapsed (~ 1 minute)
ETWOTWO-1082 AVM has concurrency limitations via CIFS/NFS/FTP as creates and deletes all set the mod time on the directory
ETWOTWO-1088 Create content by Content Contributor or Content Publisher fails
ETWOTWO-1109 WCM - content publisher cannot submit modified assets (2.2.3-dev regress)
ETWOTWO-1117 Misleading exceptions reported during AVM flatten and update
ETWOTWO-1127 Task done action for wcm tasks works incorrectly
ETWOTWO-1128 LockAcquisitionException appears on attempt to submit different web contents in the same web project or different ones by 2 users simultaneously
ETWOTWO-1143 CLONE -System error appears for submitted and approved files