Release 2.2 SP6

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Release 2.2 SP6

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Release Notes
2.x Releases

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.2 SP6 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier release, Alfresco 2.2 SP5, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Bug List

ETWOTWO-1394 fix of ETHREEOH-3483 for 2.2.X branch - shutdwon script does not shutdown properly
ETWOTWO-1384 Poor performance when using webscript based web forms
ETWOTWO-1381 Desktop Actions does not work without write permission on parent folder
ETWOTWO-1374 could we merge the fix for into the 2.2 branch?
ETWOTWO-1369 'This is not a valid CIFS folder' when dropping a file onto the 'properties' shortcut in CIFS
ETWOTWO-1353 CLONE -Unfriendly system error occurs when filling in search field with quotation marks on Web Project Wizard Step 5 (Configure workflow page)
ETWOTWO-1352 CLONE -Empty 'Output path pattern' can be saved -Create Web Project wizard -step 4
ETWOTWO-1351 CLONE -Web Form with wildcards in title, description and Output path pattern can be added to Web Project from Create Web Project Wizard
ETWOTWO-1349 Unfriendly error is displayed in case importing duplicate acp file into Forum Space
ETWOTWO-1292 Renaming 'Web Project' makes it a DM space and the AVMstore gets corrupted
ETWOTWO-1289 My Web Files (Forms) dashlets: XSS Attck can be made when web project's details has been edited
ETWOTWO-1288 Create Web project Wizard-Step3 :XSS attack can be made when configuring ASR or FSR
ETWOTWO-1268 Script error appears after pressing 'Add Translation' action
ETWOTWO-1266 WCM: Unexpected 'conflict' message when deleting directory on user sandbox.
ETWOTWO-1261 Unfriendly error appears when trying to move copied content (Simple Workflow)
ETWOTWO-1250 Saving emails in a CIFS folder from Thunderbird
ETWOTWO-1158 CLONE -login.jsp does no longer redirects authenticated users
ETWOTWO-1016 Regenerate Renditions. Rendered files reamain locked.
ETWOTWO-1006 xforms.js DEBUG output can cause performance issues with web forms
ETWOTWO-949 CIFS directory listing slow or times out with thousands of files in a space
ETWOTWO-798 'Column set to default value; NULL supplied to NOT NULL column 'auth_id' at row' schema update fails from 2.0.3 to 2.2.1
ETWOTWO-119 Unable to add a custom workflow to the webproject wizard without overwriting the OOTB web-client-config-wcm.xml file
ETWOTWO-101 WCM doesn't handle illegal characters in process definition description names gracefully, and gives no way to work around it.