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Release 2.2

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Major New Features

Enterprise Content Management

  • Web Scripts: New REST-based Alfresco Content Services and UI components.  Web Scripts provide the basis of Alfresco's future remoting API, integration, customization, and Web Content Management strategy.
  • Extended Javascript API: New support for Web Content Management, User and Groups and improved core repository services support within our Javascript API.  Designed for maximizing use of Web Script for integration and custom portlets and run-time WCM web components.
  • JMX: JMX-based Server Administration. Alfresco 2.2 adds support for JSR-160, providing a new JMX interface for system administrators to access Alfresco via a standard JMX console that support JMX Remoting. With JSR-160 support, sys admins can now change log levels, enable or disable file-servers all without having to stop and restart the Alfresco server.
  • Email-based Collaboration: Alfresco 2.2 adds support for email-based collaboration. In 2.2, users can directly email content into the Alfresco repository. This can be accomplished using one of two methods:
    • An end-user specified friendly email alias for a space
    • Directly emailing a space or a documents database ID (DBID).
    • Email collaboration support includes:
    • Automatic capture and archival of all attached files with a captured email message
    • Automatic creation of discussions for any emails directly referencing a specific document via its DBID.
  • Module Logging: As of Alfresco version 2.2 each module can have its own file, which is placed in the same directory as Therefore, you can control the logging levels of classes within your module without having to modify the main file.
  • QName Persistence Refactoring: Pulled QNames into separate tables, and reduced the database sizes.

Web Content Management

This release builds upon the significant enhancements in the ECM platform, adding support for:

Web Project Branching and Web Project Templates
In 2.2, Alfresco now provides the ability to baseline a new web project based on an existing site. In the Create Web Project Wizard, admins and content managers can select from a filtered list of those Web Projects marked as a template or a full list of all Web Projects within the server. Users can quickly bootstrap a new Web Project, including all Web Forms, workflow configurations, deployment configurations, and more. In the Staging sandbox, this new enhancement leverage AVM branching to branch the source Staging repository (sandbox) into the new created Staging repository (sandbox). Leveraging AVM branching, the newly created Web Project is initialized with a complete source tree of files and folders for the new Web Project in a disk-efficient manner, avoiding any data duplication to provision a virtual body of content to users for the new website.  

Asset Reuse across Web Projects via Layered Directories
In 2.2, Alfresco now supports transparent updates of content across Web Projects by exposing the ability to create AVM layered directories in the Web Client. Admins and content managers can now access a 'Create Layered Folder' action in a Staging sandbox and specify a source directory for any new directory they are creating in the Web Project. With this new layered directory support, Web Projects can be separated by functional teams with updates transparently shared with other various teams. Note: The target path should be specified starting with the webapp directory (ROOT by default), eg. ROOT/a/b/c

Web Client Search Support
Alfresco 2.2 now provides support for full-text search for assets in both Staging sandboxes and individual user sandboxes.  Search results are based on queries to the current index of assets based on the latest snapshot of Staging. For user sandbox searches, search results are filtered against any deletions that may or may not have been made by the user that have not yet been checked-in (that is, they are sitting in the user's Modified Items list), ensuring that are returned assets are available in the sandbox for modification.  

My Web Forms Browse Support
Alfresco 2.2 now simplifies the editing or deletion of XML assets created via Web Forms with a new saved search. Users can access their list of Web Forms in the sandbox and click a Browse action to return a list of all XMLs generated via a particular Web Form. This provides quick access to list items a user may wish to modify without having to navigate into the sandbox browse view and manually look for existing assets by browsing the web directory structure. 

Deployment Configuration Wizard
Alfresco 2.2 now adds a new Deployment Configuration Wizard in the Create Web Project Wizard. This new wizard allows Admins and content managers to add one or multiple Alfresco deployment targets or remote file-system deployment targets and configure various deployment options, such as source paths and exclude patterns. 

In-context Preview via Test Servers
Alfresco 2.2 now adds support for in-context preview of non-virtualizable sites (for example, PHP or .NET sites) using remote test servers. Admins and content managers can specify a pool of remote test servers, which become available for users to check-out and sync via deployment for purposes of preview. Upon completion of any preview, users can release a test server back to the pool, allowing other users to check-out for purposes of their own preview. 

Alfresco 2.2 adds support for an auto-deploy option in its default workflow, allowing end-users at time of submit to enforce automatic deployment of approved changes directly to the live website without having to manually initiate deployment. 

Deployment History
Alfresco 2.2 now maintains a running history of deployment reports, allowing the content manager to access a rich audit trail of all deployment attempts over time. 

ACL Support for Web Projects, Web Project content
Alfresco 2.2 now adds support for ACLs, providing restricted access to both Web Projects and content within a sandbox based on a user's security rights. 

AVM/CIFS Configuration Support
Alfresco 2.2 now adds greater configurability for how stores and store versions are accessed via CIFS. Version 2.2 now supports filtering of available stores by store type, version, and user role. Now, business users can view only sandboxes they own and their associated, read-only staging stores, and content managers can view all sandboxes related to just their web projects. But with multiple views and filters now supported, read up on new 2.2 WCM CIFS possibilities.

AVM Console
Alfresco 2.2 includes a command console to provide low-level administrator/developer access to the AVM repository.

Major Fixed Bugs

In the Release_2.2.0 Release Notes you will find a list of major issues fixed in both 2.2.0. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

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