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Release 3.0.0

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3.x Releases
Release Notes
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The following notes discuss the release information for Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.0

New and Enhanced Share Features

The original Alfresco web client is now referred to as the Alfresco Explorer, to distinguish it from the new Alfresco Share web client.

Alfresco Share has many new and enhanced features.


For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.0, refer to the Administering an Alfresco ECM Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco customer and partner repository.


For this release, the Alfresco Share client requires Flash Player Version 9.0.45 to upload files and viewing Flash previews.

  • You can download Flash Player v9 from the Adobe site here:

  • The Uninstaller for Flash can be found on the Adobe site here:

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

  • Kerberos is not supported in the Share application
  • Flash 10 is not supported for preview and upload in the Share application
  • Wiki page history is only accessible in the Alfresco Explorer application
  • Multiple instances of Alfresco in a single Oracle instance is supported, but requires some manual schema operations
  • Enabling quotas on an existing repository takes considerable time and should only be enabled after upgrading to 3.0.0 (due to costly interaction with other data upgrades)
  • Tomcat does not always close down completely, but can be safely terminated
  • Source code for Share and Surf is not in the SDK, but is available from SVN

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 3.0 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

ETHREEOH-726 Unable to accept/reject email invite from Share when NTLM filter is enabled
ETHREEOH-643 MSSQL upgrade scripts
ETHREEOH-601 No valid CIFS authentication combination available with NTLM enabled
ETHREEOH-534 Enabling audit gives bootstrap errors on Oracle
ETHREEOH-523 The Readme referenced in the Installer is for Labs 3B
ETHREEOH-522 Install wizard has incorrect document reference on the Complete page
ETHREEOH-519 HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException searching for People to invite to a Site
ETHREEOH-455 SchemaBootstrap failed - such column list already indexed
ETHREEOH-402 Impossible to modify the language of a multilingual container.
ETHREEOH-82 Attempt to create wiki page with the same name in the same site's wiki by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them
ETHREEOH-58 Attempt to reply to the same site's discussions post by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them
ETHREEOH-23 LockAcquisitionException
ETHREEOH-19 Attempt save changes made via editing the same blog post by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them
ETHREEOH-715 There isn't 'Forms' folder in 'Data Dictionary' folder
ETHREEOH-712 Invite user scenario with NTLM issue
ETHREEOH-653 Quota calculation locks repo on 2.2.2 -> 3.0 upgrade with 400k people - not able to log in as it chunters along
ETHREEOH-646 Alert appears when trying to create a site with XSS Name
ETHREEOH-595 Alert appears when trying to create an event with XSS 'Where' or 'Description' fields
ETHREEOH-578 Failed to upgrade from 2.1 and 2.2 to 3.0 on Oracle
ETHREEOH-575 contains incorrect information about MySQL Connector
ETHREEOH-550 Remove WCM permissions actions configuration
ETHREEOH-538 Oracle9iDialect is broken
ETHREEOH-533 Dialogs access via ExternalAccessServlet return to blank empty container.jsp page when Close button is clicked
ETHREEOH-529 Update the help url in the Classic/Explorer client
ETHREEOH-528 Error happens when trying to run Export from Complete Repository
ETHREEOH-525 Update the Installer so that the Programs text refers to Alfresco Explorer, not Alfresco Web Client
ETHREEOH-520 Invite people creating users when the user already exists
ETHREEOH-513 HTLM links in wiki pages are converted to lowercase
ETHREEOH-457 Activities doesn't correspond current OracleDialect
ETHREEOH-396 Error message appears when pressing 'Finish' button on summary page of 'Advanced Space Wizard' - Based on an existing space
ETHREEOH-395 ContentStoreCleaner fails
ETHREEOH-390 Cannot change user role
ETHREEOH-301 Contributor can't comment Managers blog post
ETHREEOH-300 SiteContributor can not delete his own blog.
ETHREEOH-283 User usages (and including MT) - need to rework and fix nodeDaoService.getPropertyValuesByPropertyAndValue
ETHREEOH-214 Patch 'patch.updateDmPermissions' (Update ACLs on all DM node objects to the new 3.0 permission model) fails (out of memory)
ETHREEOH-204 Calender - Add event - end date should change based on the start date selected
ETHREEOH-186 The very old tutorial.pdf is still bootstrapped to the classic client.
ETHREEOH-185 First time Blogs are shown a script error is displayed
ETHREEOH-43 Lucene date range queries broken by recent LuceneQueryParser update
ETHREEOH-35 Add JS client-side code to strip 'malicous' html from wiki/blog/forum posts.
ETHREEOH-31 Wiki's Image Editor plug-in locks the browser while the images load
ETHREEOH-25 Lock issue uncovered in Derby DB
ETHREEOH-18 Failed login
ETHREEOH-17 Tomcat does not shut down properly sometimes
ETHREEOH-12 Externally provided RSS feed URLs only work if you happen to have an active session.
ETHREEOH-2 Exception in Server 1 when shutting down Server 2 in a cluster (repo 'alfresco.war' cluster)
ETHREEOH-728 The RSS feeds in Share won't work when NTLM is enabled as the auth mechanism.
ETHREEOH-714 Error for RSS Feed on the in the Site Activities dashlet
ETHREEOH-713 Error for iCAL on the Calendar page
ETHREEOH-710 Error for RSS Feed on the Wiki Pages List page
ETHREEOH-707 Error for RSS Feed on the Doc Lib page
ETHREEOH-664 Error occur when trying to subscribe to Discussions and Blogs RSS
ETHREEOH-642 forms-runtime.js doesn't process multiple select boxes correctly
ETHREEOH-592 Can't authenticate against 'My Sites' Activities' feed from external feed reader
ETHREEOH-591 Incorrect icon in the assignee list in assign workflow dialog
ETHREEOH-587 Delete site dialog instructs user to delete site
ETHREEOH-583 Create topic in discussions uses wrong icon
ETHREEOH-579 RuntimeExec fails when command or arguments contain spaces
ETHREEOH-576 Cannot create calendar event with name containing certain characters such as : /
ETHREEOH-552 User cannot assign a workflow to themselves
ETHREEOH-542 MT - check content cleaner config
ETHREEOH-539 Binary installers default to mySQL
ETHREEOH-532 showDocDetails URL addressability broken
ETHREEOH-530 MT - Failed to bootstrap tenants - Alfresco won't start
ETHREEOH-518 Unfriendly error for 'Create Site' when session has timed out
ETHREEOH-517 No link to the site from 'My Site Activities' dashlet
ETHREEOH-505 User with Coordinator role for Web Project Space can't add users to Web Project he creates
ETHREEOH-499 Full colour icons for unavailable buttons in wiki page component
ETHREEOH-494 Twisters don't work in version history on doc details page - IE7
ETHREEOH-490 Link to User Profile on Wiki posts links to incorrect URL
ETHREEOH-484 File is not downloaded after clicking 'Edit Offline' - IE7
ETHREEOH-479 Share Site invite email - incorrect info for LDAP synched users
ETHREEOH-476 Impossible to create Site Invite Workflow
ETHREEOH-471 Incorrect work of Link Destination Details
ETHREEOH-468 'More Actions...' action doesn't work for the document in 'Document List' and 'My Space List' components
ETHREEOH-467 Navigation bar in blog edit view
ETHREEOH-456 'View details' page doesn't appear in a new window ('Document List ', 'My Spaces List', 'My Web Forms', 'My Web Files')
ETHREEOH-452 Error appear when a user trying to view metadata for item, which is deleting
ETHREEOH-451 Transaction Error When Logging In to WebDAV Using The NTLM Filter
ETHREEOH-450 System error appears after user press 'Allow Versioning' link for any content at 'Details of content' page
ETHREEOH-447 'Inherit Parent Space Permissions' works incorrectly
ETHREEOH-446 Impossible to delete Users and Groups at Manage Space Users page
ETHREEOH-440 Incorrect work of 'Add Blog Details' link on Space Details page
ETHREEOH-438 It is impossible to open space in Template
ETHREEOH-431 Details page cannot be open through preview window
ETHREEOH-424 Edit Web Content: is not a function
ETHREEOH-422 Error message appeares on Details page in Manage deleted items after Recover or Delete action
ETHREEOH-405 Metadata mapping to custom model property fails
ETHREEOH-404 After deleting / recovering deleted items system returns on wrong page.
ETHREEOH-394 Accepted invitation to site creates activity 'Inviter joined...' not 'Invitee joined'
ETHREEOH-393 Child multiplicity error when cancelling a discussion
ETHREEOH-392 Unable to delete discussion forum: Node without parents does not have root aspect
ETHREEOH-387 layout of doc lib detailed list view is jagged at 1024 x 768
ETHREEOH-376 Missing splitter in wiki page list view
ETHREEOH-373 Wiki toolbar should be a split toolbar with navigation and actions on the same bar
ETHREEOH-302 Site Manager gets error message when he successfully deletes his own blog
ETHREEOH-295 URL label in Create Site dialog is not correct
ETHREEOH-294 DocLib details dialog doesn't populate title property correctly
ETHREEOH-288 Error message appears when adding any content to space where Rule 'blog-post' for All Items is created
ETHREEOH-287 MT - admin appears twice for a tenant
ETHREEOH-281 Accessibility/508 - Form Fields must have labels
ETHREEOH-280 Error message appears when trying to 'Recover all items' at 'Manage Deleted Items' page
ETHREEOH-274 ClassCastException displayed on all screens after relogin when user a has a single 'shortcut' in the UI
ETHREEOH-269 Details page with list of actions is not appers in a new window
ETHREEOH-268 'Details' page is not displayed in a new window ('Document list', 'My Spaces List')
ETHREEOH-253 Impossibility to edit multilingual content properties on content 'Details' page
ETHREEOH-252 Error message appears on clicking 'Cancel' button for 'Start discussions'option for Space
ETHREEOH-246 Wiki: When you rename a wiki page, the link in the original is broken.
ETHREEOH-244 Doc Library: Select multiple items allows you to perform inappropriate task
ETHREEOH-243 There is any 'blog post' action in the list of 'Run actions wizard' with empty summary for it
ETHREEOH-237 Slingshot remote component deploy - not picking up new webscript *.desc.xml files
ETHREEOH-229 It is impossible to delete any content using next actions: 'Delete document', 'Delete folder', 'Delete' action at document metadata page
ETHREEOH-227 WCM - Issue with simple-avm-submit action
ETHREEOH-226 Add Blog Details action is visible on all folders by default and throws full screen exception when clicked.
ETHREEOH-225 Web Forms with repeating elements don't work
ETHREEOH-224 There is no subject in the sent to user letter to invite the site
ETHREEOH-223 There is no reporter in the sent to user letter to invite the site
ETHREEOH-221 Undefined Root Scoped Objects in JavaScript API
ETHREEOH-220 SHARE tagging is not fully I18N ready
ETHREEOH-218 DM forms should be disabled
ETHREEOH-217 NullPointerException accessing '\' in CIFS
ETHREEOH-215 CLONE -Running Share 3.0 app inside AIR has problems when forms use PUT
ETHREEOH-206 Share: tagging broken for international characters
ETHREEOH-205 TemplateMailHelperBean - missing 'Subject:' - conflicting JavaMail jars.
ETHREEOH-198 SiteService is not MT enabled
ETHREEOH-190 MT - node service API (eg. via node browser) should not return tenant-specific properties (post Node DAO merge)
ETHREEOH-189 MT - update new MT node interceptor to return non-tenant-specific refs (post Node DAO merge)
ETHREEOH-169 Issue shutting down 'alfresco.war'
ETHREEOH-155 Incorrect display of 'Calendar' page
ETHREEOH-150 Possible to add empty post or empty comment to a post at blog page
ETHREEOH-110 It is impossible to browse events by tags
ETHREEOH-105 Investigate failing blog unit tests
ETHREEOH-98 Multiple Share users can have the same name
ETHREEOH-93 System error happens when trying to press a link 'here' in 'This page has been moved here' on wiki page
ETHREEOH-92 http 500 error updating users email address
ETHREEOH-91 IE7 - It is impossible to edit 'Wiki' page
ETHREEOH-89 Incorrect layout of Pending Invites page
ETHREEOH-80 Nothing is displayed on My Activities dashlet on User Dashboard page
ETHREEOH-76 IE6 - Actions buttons displays incorrectly on Document Library simple view page
ETHREEOH-74 Wiki content is not displayed correctly - not as it was entered.
ETHREEOH-65 Links without pages don't appear in other color on Wiki page
ETHREEOH-61 Comments to a Post are not displayed on Post's page if their quantity is more then 10
ETHREEOH-59 Error message appears when trying to change URL at main wiki page
ETHREEOH-57 'Settings' feature is unavailable
ETHREEOH-56 Incorrect layout for tags section
ETHREEOH-48 There is no actions for all other wiki pages exept main page
ETHREEOH-47 It is impossible to change tag for event on Site calendar page
ETHREEOH-44 'Change Password' feature is unavailable
ETHREEOH-33 Invite email is received with blank 'subject' and 'to' field with value 'undisclosed-recipients'
ETHREEOH-28 Alfresco Network dashlet connection is HTTP when Share is running HTTPS
ETHREEOH-22 MT - domain mismatch when getting list of stores (post Node DAO merge)
ETHREEOH-20 Double or multiclicking the Save button on creating a new Wiki page causes error
ETHREEOH-15 Site Service does not allow users 'admin' or 'system user' to set site membership if they are not Site Manager of the given site
ETHREEOH-9 When sending an email using a mail action, email is received with blank 'subject' and 'to' field with value 'undisclosed-recipients'
ETHREEOH-7 After timeout actions within the same dashlet do not trigger timeout based relogin
ETHREEOH-5 There is incorrect displaying of 'Permissions' section on document metadata page
ETHREEOH-4 Error message appears when trying to copy document from DocLib to Wiki using Repository