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Release 3.0 SP1

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Release Notes
3.x Releases
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The following notes discuss the release information for Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.0 SP1

New and Enhanced Features

Sharepoint Support through Office applications.

Many fixes to Release 3.0.0.


For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.0, refer to the Alfresco Administering a Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco customer and partner repository.


For this release, the Alfresco Share client requires Flash Player Version 9.0.45 or above to upload files and viewing Flash previews.

  • You can download Flash Player v9 from the Adobe site here:

  • The Uninstaller for Flash can be found on the Adobe site here:

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

  • Using Derby DB, clicking 'Favorite' icon in Site causes hang for user
  • Source code for Share and Surf is not in the SDK, but is available from SVN

Major Fixed Bugs

  • ETHREEOH-184 : thumbnail assocs do not double up on check-in and thumbnail updates are done in one action
  • ETHREEOH-225 & ETHREEOH-808: Repeating fields are broken in web forms
  • ETHREEOH-266: restrict length of webapp to 150 chars.
  • ETHREEOH-382: Can't run Lucene search via Node Browser
  • ETHREEOH-448: Incorrect behavior of Tags working in Share
  • ETHREEOH-472& ETHREEOH-473: File picker restrictions (folder and search) do not work.
  • ETHREEOH-483: Unable to upload files [with Flash 10 installed]
  • ETHREEOH-510: Create toolbar for blog & discussions (make it a splitbar with chan…
  • ETHREEOH-535: User with Editor role can't edit content
  • ETHREEOH-546: Cannot save document to any space for Microsoft Office
  • ETHREEOH-547: Site service now returns information about the site managers.
  • ETHREEOH-565: Failure to generate flash preview for PPT file
  • ETHREEOH-628: Rethrow exception after releasing packet to the memory pool on a Winsock NetBIOS receive.
  • ETHREEOH-655: It is impossible to change 'Destination type' from 'Repository' to 'S…
  • ETHREEOH-662: Incorrect display of buttons in Share
  • ETHREEOH-664 & ETHREEOH-789. RSS feed issues and authentication errors when trying to retrieve user details
  • ETHREEOH-692: Impossible to login to Alfresco from Microsoft Office add-in using NTLM authentication
  • ETHREEOH-698: Error and browser disabling in case incorrect data is entered on the Alfresco Global Feed
  • ETHREEOH-725: User doesn't receive email to his box when rule 'Send an Email to spec…
  • ETHREEOH-732: Enabling benchmark-override-context.xml leads to ClassNotFoundException
  • ETHREEOH-733: Spring jar missing benchmark remote client
  • ETHREEOH-746: Unable to view contents of previous versions of wiki page
  • ETHREEOH-782: Error when user trying to change Deployment configuration
  • ETHREEOH-790: When using external auth, the Change Password and Logout features should not be available
  • ETHREEOH-795: Error while create web content form and also form caching issue
  • ETHREEOH-798: Double clicking OK on most pop-up dialogs in Share causing multiple requests to be sent
  • ETHREEOH-829: Case issue when inserting Document Share links into a discussion using richtext editor
  • ETHREEOH-835: Paste of text into an empty Comment component and the Create Comment button stays disabled
  • ETHREEOH-865: Complete Repository radio button should be removed from Export UI
  • ETHREEOH-872: Editing Email-notify-rules fails w/ ClassCastException
  • ETHREEOH-878: Categories management UI issues running on a cluster
  • ETHREEOH-879 & Multi-valued properties not allowed - UnsupportedOperationException
  • ETHREEOH-886: MT - tenant admin can not uncheck 'inherit permissions'
  • ETHREEOH-890: apostrophe in login name cannot login to Alfresco Explorer (and Share).
  • ETHREEOH-891: People API now supports server-side filtering of people; People Finder Share extended
  • ETHREEOH-895: UnsupportedOperationException in multi-value property conversion
  • ETHREEOH-896: XML Form layout is incorrect on Firefox 3
  • ETHREEOH-897: Changed Windows x64 NetBIOS warning message to be a debug message.
  • ETHREEOH-898: Unable to delete event in calendar in Alfresco Enterprise 3 (Share).
  • ETHREEOH-899: Image transformations do not follow Options
  • ETHREEOH-901: Radio buttons using a enumeration can not be selected in internet explorer
  • ETHREEOH-903: Sites drop-down Favorites UI improvements
  • ETHREEOH-904: My Sites dashlet Favorites UI improvements
  • ETHREEOH-905: missing url encoding step for user password during webscript based login process.
  • ETHREEOH-906: TICKET value written directly to the page during template processing
  • ETHREEOH-908 - Calendar dashlet should display resolved site name rather than 'shortname' field
  • ETHREEOH-913: Problems in mounting the Alfresco filesystems with NFS.
  • ETHREEOH-916: Unable to 'Publish Internally' a newly created blog post
  • ETHREEOH-917: help text for Create Site changed as requested.
  • ETHREEOH-926: Webscript issue when url element containing a dot is followed by further url element
  • ETHREEOH-929: Tightening up transport adapters field
  • ETHREEOH-930: Impossible to create a new event in the calendar page with the fr_FR language pack.
  • ETHREEOH-934 Multi-clicking Site favoriate icons can cause issues
  • ETHREEOH-938: Missing Enterprise license information bean for Alfresco Explorer Admin Console
  • ETHREEOH-944. Admin now able to reset user home location again
  • ETHREEOH-974: Large file uploads fail through Share
  • ETHREEOH-975: Quote in document name breaks document preview
  • ETHREEOH-984: External users in Share cannot edit profile
  • ETHREEOH-988: XSS fixes in Search Alfresco tab (Microsoft Office Add-in)
  • ETHREEOH-992: Copying nodes across stores is not supported
  • ETHREEOH-1000: MT - NPE during bootstrap
  • ETHREEOH-1013: MT - Multi-tenancy: application crashes with Access Denied
  • ETHREEOH-1022: Wiki edit doesn't handle timeout
  • ETHREEOH-1032: Impossible to delete Wiki page
  • ETHREEOH-1033: alf_child_assoc.qname_localname column too short
  • ETHREEOH-1056: MT - IE7 incorrectly parses the page in the web client
  • ETHREEOH-1066: Wiki page editing broken for page titles that don't exist yet.
  • ETHREEOH-1085: Alert appears when trying to configure 'Alfresco Global Feed' with XSS URL
  • ETHREEOH-1099: double encoding issue with Site Finder and Wiki components.
  • ETHREEOH-1100: Unable to edit wiki pages with a single quote ' in the page title
  • ETHREEOH-1115: Creating a shared workspace using a document with '-' in name fails
  • ETHREEOH-1132: Delete button in My Workspaces dashlet does not work
  • ETWOONE-87: Behavior of delete cascade
  • ETWOONE-90: XSS fixes
  • ETWOONE-124: Add the property UUIDBinding to Import…
  • ETWOONE-188: After session has timed out, expanding a space in the Navigator issue
  • ETWOONE-389: Current page number not always visible
  • ETWOONE-413: JSF client DownloadContent URLs issue
  • ETWOTWO-777: more protection for nested writes
  • ETWOTWO-816: Fix security in RunAs using public APIs
  • ETWOTWO-836: NPE when clearCurrentSecurityContext is called in a runAs
  • ETWOTWO-926: Inline callouts should be able to reference a web script maintained in Data Dictionary
  • ETWOTWO-952: MLText properties not intercepted when calling addAspect and createNode…
  • JLAN-51: Fixed NullPointerException during NFS mount.
  • JLAN-51: Use a default RPC authenticator if not specified in the xml configuration.
  • JLAN-52: Typo in Portmapper server class name that is loader dynamically.
  • NEW: Passthru authentication logic when a domain name is not specified by the client.
  • NEW: DocLib 'move' action needs delete permission
  • NEW: NTLM & Kerberos fixes for Share and WebDAV
  • NEW: Upgrade from YUI 2.5.2 to YUI 2.6.0 - First pass
  • NEW: Post query sort for datetime types tokenised as dates is slow
  • NEW: Performance improvements to HibernateNodeDaoServiceImpl