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Release 3.1 SP1

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Release Notes
3.x Releases
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The following notes discuss the release information for Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.1 SP1


For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.1, refer to the Alfresco Administering a Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco customer and partner repository.


For this release, the Alfresco Share client requires Flash Player Version 9.0.45 or above to upload files and viewing Flash previews.

  • You can download Flash Player v9 from the Adobe site here:

  • The Uninstaller for Flash can be found on the Adobe site here:

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

Major Fixed Bugs

  • ETHREEOH-2192 ETHREEOH-2192 : VersionMigratorFix fails with InvalidNodeRefException - Node does not exist
  • ETHREEOH-2150 : Upgrade from 2.1.7 build 441 to the 3.1.1 build 203 failed on mssql
  • ETHREEOH-2144 : Need to add current date to the WCM freemarker template model
  • ETHREEOH-2114 : Upgrade from 2.1 E Sp7 to 3.1 E build 195 (MSSQL) - multiple 'Cannot insert duplicate key in object ' exceptions
  • ETHREEOH-2067 : The Person PUT API is a massive security hole.
  • ETHREEOH-2064 : NodeService properties don't support collections of collections for d:any
  • ETHREEOH-2035 : ear distribution should work without modification for WAS
  • ETHREEOH-2018 : NTLM SSO fails with NPE
  • ETHREEOH-1953 : request to remove iBatisDataSource bean from activities-feed-context.xml
  • ETHREEOH-1907 : Cleartext passwords are being thrown in the log, by the CredentialVault
  • ETHREEOH-1896 : Alfresco become unstable when using NTLM authentication component
  • ETHREEOH-1889 : a sequence of simple filesystem operations (create, rename, delete) raises an exception and takes minutes (instead of seconds)
  • ETHREEOH-1880 : REGRESSION: Snapshots are displayed in reversed order in the 'Recent Snapshots' list
  • ETHREEOH-1805 : Password is shown in cleartext in alfresco.log when user logs in to Share, and scripts.servlet.WebScriptServlet is set to DEBUG
  • ETHREEOH-1759 : It's impossible to save changes to shared document (IBM JVM => WebSphere)
  • ETHREEOH-1684 : Impossible to add event in Calendar because 'Add event' button doesn't work
  • ETHREEOH-1645 : Unfriendly system error occurs on Create Web Form Wizard step 1
  • ETHREEOH-1625 : Incorrect save file process via Office Addin
  • ETHREEOH-1620 : Webdav root with trailing slash gives 404 error on WebSphere
  • ETHREEOH-1612 : Unable to modify the 'guest' username(s)
  • ETHREEOH-1598 : copying (a large number of) files into a folder with versioning raises an exception
  • ETHREEOH-1577 : Impossible to deploy Alfresco 3.1 build 122 onto WebSphere 7
  • ETHREEOH-1500 : Remove visibility of Workflow items
  • ETHREEOH-1314 : WCM - content publisher cannot submit existing folder that has modified properties
  • ETHREEOH-1298 : CIFS unavailable in Windows Server x64
  • ETHREEOH-2225 : Customer upgrade - perfomance issue on MySQL
  • ETHREEOH-2091 : VersionMigrator patch silently skips nodes if an error occurs
  • ETHREEOH-2084 : WAS Deployment fails
  • ETHREEOH-2075 : Version History shows Modifier for all previous versions as the most recent versions modifier, essentially leaving history incorrect
  • ETHREEOH-2056 : REGRESSION: Images inserted into a TinyMCE widget in a Web Form are broken
  • ETHREEOH-2023 : LDAP import must lower case the local name of the association to person.
  • ETHREEOH-2015 : MT issue - creating new tenant fails after a new user was created by tenant
  • ETHREEOH-1965 : CLONE -Alfresco does not function on JBoss 5
  • ETHREEOH-1913 : Alert appears when trying to execute XSS search request from the site with XSS name
  • ETHREEOH-1891 : Form repeat element not working in 3.1
  • ETHREEOH-1884 : Page control doesn't work on blogs
  • ETHREEOH-1883 : Start advanced workflow wizard lists the WCM 'Direct Submit to Staging' workflow as one of the selectable workflows
  • ETHREEOH-1864 : Characters with diacritics not showing correctly in dashlet properties (e.g. Web View - Title)
  • ETHREEOH-1804 : Uploading a document with the same name as an existing one overwrites the original
  • ETHREEOH-1758 : Web Project workflow 'reviewer' gets 'Access is denied' attempting to review when not a member of web project
  • ETHREEOH-1719 : Renaming 'Web Project' makes it a DM space and the AVMstore gets corrupted
  • ETHREEOH-1635 : Conversion in any image format fails
  • ETHREEOH-1629 : Impossible to send email to users from Run Action or Content Rules
  • ETHREEOH-1539 : Add Button and Link to MS Office Add-In for online help
  • ETHREEOH-1456 : Unfriendly notification appears when user tries to accept an invitation in case it was rejected previously
  • ETHREEOH-1405 : Foreign key constraint violation causes upgrade to fail
  • ETHREEOH-1390 : Error message appears when trying to submit an item with 1024 symbols in label and description fields
  • ETHREEOH-1387 : It is possible to enter more than 1024 characters or wildcards in Filename pattern match when Configuring Workflow for Web Project
  • ETHREEOH-1266 : Incorrect pagination on Content Rules page
  • ETHREEOH-1211 : Can't See Images in TinyMCE
  • ETHREEOH-1138 : Script error appears after configuring Alfresco RSS Feed with XSS URL
  • ETHREEOH-727 : When script is selected to execute, 'Ok' button is disable
  • ETHREEOH-2099 : Uploading files with the same name already present in Share silently updates them losing previous files
  • ETHREEOH-1910 : Apostrophe in file name causes javascript error with 'edit online'
  • ETHREEOH-1877 : Web Form Dynamic Web Script Include doesn't support URL with ${ticket} and ${storeid}
  • ETHREEOH-1867 : Wiki edit page isn't escaping content before handing over to TinyMCE
  • ETHREEOH-1846 : NullPointerException in ADMLuceneIndexerImpl if localized string is null
  • ETHREEOH-1820 : offlineCheckInterval disappeared from NTLMAuthenticationComponentImpl in 3.X
  • ETHREEOH-1798 : Share does not work properly with folders containing a dot in their name
  • ETHREEOH-1756 : Possible to create Site with spaces only in Name field
  • ETHREEOH-1751 : NTLM Filter Cannot Resolve Server Name When CIFS Is Not Enabled
  • ETHREEOH-1739 : It is possible to create a topic with Title that consists of spaces
  • ETHREEOH-1735 : MT - Webscripts re-directed to a different Tenant's noderef - HTTP 500
  • ETHREEOH-1734 : Edit offline only works in tree directory view
  • ETHREEOH-1698 : CMIS WebServices Interface introduces a security hole in alfresco, authentication issue
  • ETHREEOH-1691 : Wiki page content and tags are not visible after creation of Wiki page
  • ETHREEOH-1690 : 'Next>>' link doesn't work on Discussions page in Share
  • ETHREEOH-1615 : TinyMCE fails to load for unsupported languages.
  • ETHREEOH-1585 : JBoss 4.2.3 stop error
  • ETHREEOH-1471 : Adobe LC - Office Plugins and AMPs not delivered with 3.1 drop
  • ETHREEOH-1345 : CLONE -org.alfresco.repo.dictionary.M2Model.toXML(OutputStream) throws java.lang.NullPointerException
  • ETHREEOH-914 : MT - tenant domain mismatch in getting pooled tasks
  • ETHREEOH-2146 : Upgrade db scripts from 2.1.a are missing for MSSQL in 3.1.1. E build 195
  • ETHREEOH-1840 : Error displaying tool tip with quote
  • ETHREEOH-1704 : No restriction on length of fields at 'Create Link' page at Links page component in Share
  • ETHREEOH-1670 : No restriction on length of fields at 'New Folder' page at Doc Lib page component in front-end
  • ETHREEOH-1519 : Nothing happens when search field is filled in with too long data
  • ETHREEOH-1326 : It is possible to create empty reply for a Discussion
  • ETHREEOH-570 : Attempt to join the same site by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException appearance in alfresco.log
  • ETHREEOH-1707 : It is possible to create a Link with the Title that consists of spaces
  • ETHREEOH-1694 : No notification is displayed when user tries to create site with too long URL