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Release 3.2 SP1.9

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Release Notes
[Return to the Enterprise 3.2r page.]

This release rolls up a number of maintenance fixes to the Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r release. This release replaces Release 3.2 SP1 through to Release 3.2 SP1.8 and resolves the performance degradation and content purging issues that were discovered in these releases.


If upgrading from 3.2 SP1, please perform the checks documented in the Known Issues section of the 3.2 SP1 release notes to ensure no data loss has occurred before continuing.

Please back up your database and content store before attempting to upgrade from a previous release.

For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 SP1.9, refer to the Alfresco Administering a Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco Network.


This release requires the jTDS driver version 1.2.5 for compatibility with SQL Server, unlike version 3.2 Enterprise, which was certified with the Microsoft driver. We plan to certify future versions with jTDS.

Updated installation instructions are in the sample and on the Wiki

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

Email Templates

When there are existing email templates in Alfresco 3.1.1 and then an upgrade is performed  the templates are still present and in the same place as they were but can no longer be selected when specifying a template to use when creating a 'Send email to specified user' action in a rule.
This problem does not occur on a clean installation of Alfresco, only an upgrade one.

A fix ALF-1816 is provided for this in 3.3 Community release, but please 'cut' and 'paste all' actions to move all custom templates from their 'Email Templates' folder to either the 'Invite Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for site invitations) or the 'Notify Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for notifications of new content). The standard product ones will have been moved automatically.

Edit online via CIFS is no longer supported

Due to heightened security in modern browser versions, we have removed cifs as a supported value of the <edit-link-type> element in web-client-config.xml. Allowable values are now http or webdav.

Major Fixed Bugs

ALF-3189Oracle/DB2/SQLServer/PostgreSQL are missing indexes to support many FK constraints
ALF-2890Upgrade removes content if transaction retries are triggered
ALF-2719'patch.convertContentUrls' (3.3 Community, 3.2SP1) can result in 'No ContentData value exists for ID' errors
ALF-726Content Cleaner cannot be enabled: Migrate pre-3.2 content URLs to new format
ALF-1998contentStoreCleanerJob leads to foreign key exception
ALF-2784Degradation of performance between 3.1.1 and 3.2x (observed in JSF)
ALF-2839Node pre-loading generates needless resultset rows
ALF-2966WCM - Optional elements of schema validated as required
ALF-791Error message appears when trying to create content based on profile.xsd and profile.xsl
ALF-206URL to document in Alfresco doesn't work in Word 2003 and 2007
ALF-2787Space not archived when deleted by non-admin user
ALF-897It is impossible to create content when default value selected in ContentHeadlineBackground field for intranet_rssi_landing_template web-form
ALF-2883alfresco-mmt-3.3dev.jar shows NoClassDefFoundError: org/safehaus/uuid/UUIDGenerator
ALF-2861Cannot upgrade from 2.1.2a (b 209) to 3.2.1 on Oracle
ALF-934View Details does not refresh the doc properties when displaying multiple documents via Direct URL
ALF-2730Listing files from CIFS can skip filenames
ALF-1934change the behaviour of 'Manage User Groups' similar to 'Manage System Users'.
ALF-861HTTP 500 when filling in a WCM webform
ALF-1817Websphere Failed to compile model d:dictionary
ALF-725MSSQL 2008: cannot bootstrap with the MS SQL JDBC driver (v. 2.0)
ALF-2100CLONE -Alfresco Explorer still has dependencies on portlet.jar
ALF-944Accessing groups in JSF client is slow and causes lots of sql queries
ALF-757build 416: Cannot deploy on JBoss 5.1 (01220000 Audit configuration could not be opened)
ALF-1745Poor performance when deleting several assets (with rendition)
ALF-1940Accessing some AVM Content via the Javascript API prior to browsing the folder using the WEB UI causes the content to appear as if it is missing
ALF-2301build 486: deploy on DB2 fails
ALF-2436DM deployment does NOT start
ALF-2318Impossibility to upload file if Description (and Title) field is empty for document
ALF-500Mistake porting AlfrescoPostCreate-3.2-PropertyValueTables.sql script to mssql dialect
ALF-501SQLServer index limit reached for 'idx_alf_props_str'
ALF-1612Having been saved Cyrillic symbols in builtin editor are shown in question marks
ALF-504Alfresco failing to startup with Websphere 7 and IBM JDK 1.6_SR6
ALF-1026'Next>>' link doesn't work on Links page in Share
ALF-1954Regression: same item can be submitted multiple times to workflow
ALF-657Runas admin in workflow
ALF-748Checkout and 'copiefrom' aspect
ALF-511It is impossible to edit rendering templates for a web form
ALF-255web UI (explorer) does not allow to upload 0 bytes (null) files
ALF-1950Share - Wrapped Exception trying to search for a Folder on Site whose URL begins with a digit
ALF-1750System Error if user trying submit web content based on web form which was deleted
ALF-2001WCM - Problem rendering the dateTime xsd component into webforms
ALF-1974VTI module authentication (SSP - sharepoint) is case sensitive while explorer is not
ALF-434Cluster: My Web Forms dashlet needs re-login in order to show on node2
ALF-1997With SSO enabled, non-SSO users can still log in to Explorer with a password, but not to Share
ALF-649Web Service query() no longer returns metadata in 3.2
ALF-1057Add External Users issue
ALF-572NFS server not working, the content is not written.
ALF-765Upgrade EHCache to 1.7.x (latest)
ALF-730MLText is not fully carried during copy-paste
ALF-929email to invite external users does not allow external users to login (no credentails)
ALF-708fix for ETHREEOH-2797 leads to an OutOfMemoryException
ALF-549Cannot connect to JMX remotely
ALF-2101Allow custom content types to be specified as the default when creating or adding content
ALF-1089Workflow options hardcoded - no translation available
ALF-1725submit document with different case reverts back to previous case.
ALF-885Cannot retrieve cm:title from an avm node in freemarker (if persisted with actual type as MLText)
ALF-862WCM submit execution will require locking in a clustered WCM authoring env
ALF-865WCM / Cluster: unexpected error when concurrently submitting content
ALF-2231alfresco webdav does not respect webdav locks
ALF-2131Office webscripts: Missing close brace, '}'
ALF-2347User with collaborator / editor role is able to move content
ALF-2322Any discussion topic containing non-ascii characters cannot be saved.
ALF-626Using 'null' as an authority argument in clearPermissions() cause a java.lang.NullPointerException
ALF-1816Email templates can no longer be selected when creating a rule for the action 'Send email to specified users' following an upgrade
ALF-1012'Failure. Unable to save the blog post' message appears when Site Collaborator tries to edit a post
ALF-1667'Failure. Unable to save the blog post' message appears when Site Collaborator tries to edit a post should have jTDS rather than Microsoft JDBC example
ALF-25Import doesn't work for saved search
ALF-917submit process with items which are already part of another workflow
ALF-1037Documents modified by all users are displayed at My Documents-I've modified dashlet at Share
ALF-1091Only 15 tags displayed in Tags section in Browser pane
ALF-1614Impossible to create web content (bulk import)
ALF-2024Share - Modify name is only Firstname and creator is username
ALF-192WCM (Alfresco Explorer) - delete form - submit fails (with FormNotFoundException) if form has been deleted
ALF-507Cannot start Deployment Receiver on Solarisb
ALF-2026imap.server.web.application.context.url does not have any effect
ALF-1964Share - Forms associations causes browser freeze
ALF-1539Workflow / Share - exception after a workflow is started
ALF-732Possible memory leak using the .getNodeRefs() method against a ResultSet (elementCount jumps to the total amount of unfiltered documents)
ALF-738org.alfresco.repo.importer.ImporterComponentTest fails
ALF-1796LDAP members in groups not synchronised
ALF-589MT: Could not startup Alfresco with tenant after adding a custom model (and using tenant routing file content store)
ALF-660node.activeWorkflows() thows an error when the node is apart of a custom workflow that is not started.
ALF-1767Cannot change the case of letters in the file name (WCM only)
ALF-863WCM - Test Server Deployment Failing
ALF-788WCM standalone: ConcurrencyFailureException appears in case of concurrent access to the user sandbox (on promote to staging)
ALF-2107Any change to web script javascript file now requires a refresh in the web script console
ALF-590in multi tenant on a cluster, dynamic models fail
ALF-1958Request to improve javascript API root object 'status'.
ALF-729NDC (nested diagnostic context) is not enabled although Multi-tenancy is enabled
ALF-900Access denied exception when Deploying an item to a Selected Path via avm deployment receiver
ALF-955Deletion of dynamic custom model succeeds, leaving orphan nodes
ALF-1894RecordsManagementAdminServiceImpl.getCustomConstraintDefinition(s) hard-wired to RM cutom model namespace