Release Candidate 1 (Oct 2005)

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Release Candidate 1 (Oct 2005)

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The official documentation is at:

Release Candidate 1

This release is still an evaluation release and is not intended for production use.  The underlying database schema is now stablized and will be the same for the production 1.0 release.

Major changes since Preview Release 6:

  • Improved database schema.  A new database will be needed to use this release.
  • Setup and start scripts have been modified to be easier to use in different configurations.
  • JCR (JSR-170) Level 1 API support
  • Templating engine and components, including 'templatable' aspect and 'Preview in Template' action for documents

  • WebService API completed for all appropriate services
  • Rules now support multiple conditions and multiple actions, rules can apply to sub-folders and rules can execute as a background task.
  • Integrated community contribution from Jesper Steen Møller - Content metadata extraction framework and implementation for Office document formats and PDF.
  • PropertySheet (document and folder properties) component now handles all types of properties, associations and child associations
  • Can now create documents as any sub-type of content in the web-client as configured in the data-model
  • Category Management screens - Browsing and navigation of the Category hierarchy, Create Update and Delete of categories for admin user only
  • Administration Console screen added to the UI. Moved admin only functions to the admin console.
  • Import and Export functionality exposed in the Admin Console


  • Improved I18N support in the repo, including data dictionary I18N.

  • Plain text documents are now in-line editable
  • NodeService minor performance improvements
  • Node properties are stored in native columns where possible
  • Multiple categories can now be applied to a document instead of just a single category.
  • Configurable Help URL link in the client
  • Improvements to the Space/Category Selector components
  • Change User Password functionality added to Manage System Users screen
  • About Alfresco page added, with contributors and component technologies added


  • Edit User page bug fixes
  • Languages in language drop-down on login screen now shown in config file order (rather than random hashmap order!)
  • Advanced Search screen minor UI fixes
  • DownloadContentServlet now support authentication via a ticket URL parameter - for use by stateless services such as WebServices
  • Improvements to DHTML Menu component
  • Added focus() event to first text field on some pages that were missing them
  • Changed Login/New User to allow username/password fields from between 3 and 32 characters in length.
  • 'Open Network Folder' link shown in the browse screen to open the appropriate CIFS folder - instead of showing the full UNC path
  • Collapsable Panels in Document Details screen now remember their expanded/collapsed state for a user session
  • Support localisation of bootstrap data
  • I18N of lables for configured actions/rules
  • I18N of labels for client configurable items
  • Many minor UI enhancements and bug fixes


  • The start up scripts now assume that MySQL (or whatever database is being used) is already running.  You may wish to configure MySQL to start as a Windows service.

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