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Release Candidate 2

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Release Candidate 2

This release is still an evaluation release and is not intended for production use.  The underlying database schema is now stablized and will be the same for the production 1.0 release.

Major changes since Release Candidate 1:

  • PHP and WebServices code examples
  • Export and Import is now much more robust and caters for many more situations.
  • Search results are now displayed in default 'score' order in the client. Makes the search results more 'google like' in their ranking order when displayed in the client, also improves the performance of search results as by default no other sorting is performed.
  • Content Store Replication and asynchronous mode implement in the Professional/Enterprise version
  • NTLM pass-through authentication for Professional/Enterprise version


  • Export/Import functionality now available from Admin Console and from the Space Details actions menu for a folder.
  • DownloadContentServlet now supports extracting content from any ContentData property on a node.
  • Checks in the UI for 'admin' now check for ADMIN_AUTHORITY permission rather than username of 'admin'
  • GUEST permissions now given to all users by default in the Professional/Enterprise version
  • Addition of export meta-data to export package
  • Multi-value selectors are much improved
  • Username/password fields will now accept any unicode characters you care to input
  • Externalised the date pattern across the application to make it localizable, means the date pattern can be changed in one place for the whole client and can be different for each locale.
  • Added 'Take Ownership' action and implementation to Document Details More… actions menu for Professional/Enterprise version.
  • Added 'New Search' action link to navigate directly to Advanced Search screen from Search Results page
  • ISO 9075 encoding of strings for lucene search paths and xpaths
  • Extra step added to the Create Content wizard. The user can now select either HTML or Plain Text formats when creating in-line content
  • Group support added to Manage Space Users and Invite Users screens for Professional/Enterprise version.
  • Select Item lists improved look and feel
  • Several example template files now added to Content Templates folder during bootstrap, also provided as part of the source WAR download.


  • Several fixes to the Rules wizard UI
  • Several Web-Dav interface bug fixes
  • Date picker component now allows the time to be edited and is sensitive to the disabled attribute
  • Cyclic asynchronous actions will do longer cause an infinite action execution
  • Actions/conditions no longer retrieved in random order
  • Many minor UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • Integrity property check fixed to check for a property's presence and not the value
  • HTML-TXT conversion indexing bug fixed
  • Exception handling improvements to CIFS and Web-Dav support (no longer exits on some errors)
  • Advanced Search fixes, all text is now escaped correctly
  • Custom Content Types list can include types that are not derived from cm:content
  • Performance enhancements
  • Fix to memory leak in use of Spring User Transaction


  • There are changes to JavaScript and CSS files - please clear your temporary internet files browse cache!
  • The start up scripts now assume that MySQL (or whatever database is being used) is already running.  You may wish to configure MySQL to start as a Windows service.

Known Issues:

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