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Released 2014

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This page documents the product goals that we completed in 2014.

Product Releases

  • Enterprise 5-0
  • Records Management Module 2.2 and 2.3
    • For Alfresco 4.2 Enterprise Edition and for Community Edition 5.0.b
    • Records Management for Enterprise Edition 5.0 and Community Edition 5.0.c is due in 1H2015.

2014 Themes

The following are the Market-driven themes for Alfresco One. Our products and features are based around these themes.

  • Consumerization of IT
  • Increasing Content Velocity
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Increasing Security and Efficiency

Consumerization of IT

Live Search: allows rapid searching and narrowing of result sets as search terms are entered

  • Dynamic Search Results displayed “as you type”
  • Results include:
    • Files
    • Sites
    • People
  • Result previews with Thumbnails and Metadata
  • Show “more info”
  • One-click result viewing

Filtered Search: allows search results to be dynamically filtered by facets so that the required content can be found faster and more easily.
It provides a simple, consumer-like search experience and supports knowledge mining, discovery and re-use.

Content Previews
The new content previewer will no longer require a Flash plug-in. A high fidelity HTML5 compatible previewer that will allow all modern browsers to render content.

  • High-Fidelity In-Browser Previews
  • No Requirement for Flash Plugin
  • Option to use Flash still available
  • Support for Mobile/Tablets
  • Real text
  • Copy/paste supported
  • Search Highlighting
  • Share links to specific pages
  • Side-by-side Page Views, Thumbnails & Outlines

Increasing Content Velocity

Outlook Integration (Enterprise only)

  • Launched June 2014
  • Allows users to access Alfresco from Outlook
  • Drag-and-drop emails into Alfresco for management
  • Automatically strip attachment and store as content
  • Attach content in Alfresco to emails – drag-and-drop

SOLR4 Upgrade
Alfresco One will support SOLR 4 to offer increased performance, scalability and functionality.

Records Management v2.2

  • Separation of DoD Data and Sites
    • DoD and vanilla records management sites
    • DoD specific meta-data, event and relationships are only applicable for DoD sites
  • Multi-Filing
    • Enable linking of records to multiple record folders and apply multiple disposition schedules
  • Unfiled Records
  • Support for unfiled record folder hierarchies including folder specific permissions and automatic filing
  • Legal Holds
    • Create and manage legal holds
    • Add search results directly to hold
    • Reporting on holds
  • Auto-Filing and Declarations
    • Improved support for move, copy and file-to rules for automatic filing
    • Usability enhancements to make easier to define and maintain filing rules
  • Disposition
    • Support for ghosted and non-ghosted records on record destruction

Work from Anywhere

Alfresco Mobile for iOS

  • Rewrite based on Alfresco SDK
  • Folder Sync

Alfresco Mobile for Android

  • Folder Sync
  • Accessibility
  • Japanese and Chinese

Increasing Security and Efficiency

Reporting and Analytics (Enterprise only)
Provide insight on system usage, user activity, content use and process management

Reports include:

  • Site breakdown by content type
  • Site activity level – most active sites, least active sites

Content Encryption
Encrypts content at rest
Secures the content store from data center access


The release of Alfresco One 5.0 gave us the opportunity to remove deprecated functionality.

Major Product Functionality:

  • Explorer UI
  • AVM

Developer platform features:

  • The old Java SDK (replaced with the Maven-based SDK in Github)
  • The CMIS API endpoints from 3.x and 4.0 (superseded by the CMIS API endpoints in the Public API which have been available since 4.2)
  • 'CML' SOAP API (superseded by CMIS)
  • JCR * JCR-RMI (superseded by CMIS)
  • URL Addressability API (superseded by WebScripts)
  • Flex SDK (hard to maintain)
  • Forms Development Kit (superseded by Aikau)
  • Web Framework Samples (out of date)
  • KB Sample App (out of date)
  • Alfresco Benchmark v1 (superseded by a newer version)

User-level platform features:

  • Google Docs v1 (superseded by a newer version)
  • Records Management v1 (superseded by a newer version)
  • Google Gadgets (deprecated by Google)
  • Liferay Portlets (superseded in Liferay 6.1 by the Documents and Media portlet that uses CMIS)
  • Blog Publishing (hard to maintain because of changing target APIs)
  • Social Publishing (hard to maintain because of changing target APIs)
  • Lucene (superseded by Solr, documentation on migrating to Solr)

Though included in Alfresco One 5.0, the following features are considered deprecated and will be removed in a future version:

  • NFS
  • jBPM (superseded by Activiti)