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Roadmap 2011

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This page has been replaced by the 2012_Product_Roadmap

Alfresco Product Roadmap 2011

Project Swift: Planned Availability - Community Q3 2011, Enterprise Q4 2011

Focus: Reposititory Scalability and Reliability, Client Extensibility, Social Content Management & Social Publishing

Share User Experience

  • Drag n' drop upload from the desktop
    • HTML5 based
    • Parallel Uploads
  • Dashlet Layout Enhancements
    • Dashlets updated to ensure consistent layout, look and feel
    • Contextual help * Site Configuration
    • Page components can be added/removed from a site via Drag n' Drop
    • Application specific page component names. e.g Document Library in a particular site could be titled “Contracts”
  • Site Branding
    • Themes can be applied on a per-site basis
  • Refactored and simplified Site Calender for improved usability
  • Application Branding
    • Easily apply different application logo for branding
  • Inline editing of common properties such as Document Name
  • Details Page Refactor
    • Enlarged preview area for improved readability
    • Hide/reveal panels for Actions, Properties, Vesions etc
    • Simplified commenting interaction
    • Current view automatically stored as individual user preference
  • Contextual 'Pop-up' Help
  • Document Library Sorting
    • Sort based on Name, Title, Description, Rating and more
    • Ascending/Decending
  • Wiki layout enhancements, TOC Generation.
  • Export Datalist as Spreadsheet
  • Purge/Restore Deleted Items

Rich & Creative Media Support

  • Video and Audio Playback (Previews)
    • Audio - MP3
    • Video - Flash Video. H.264, OGG and WebM
  • Thumbnail & Preview support for addtional formats including Apple iWorks

Socializing Content

  • Ratings
    • 'Like' based ratings for content and folders
  • Comment Counts
  • Push activity notifications via email see also Notification Service
  • Activity Dashlet - fine grained filtering options such as Activity Type, User
  • Publishing content from the document library to external service providers such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on

Following Connections

  • Social style following connections between users
  • Personal management of I'm Following user lists
  • Feed and email based event notifications (status updates, content, comments, following etc) for users I'm Following


Clustering and Scaling

  • Separate Indexing Process built on SOLR
  • Indexing Process and storage can be shared across clustered servers
  • Repository APIs support Database based queries, paging, sorting and filtering
  • Improved cache propagation


  • Constraints enhancements
    • Internationalised 'List Of Values' Constraint
    • Dynamic List Of Values Constraint
  • Encrypted properties
  • Ordering of peer associations


  • Node Localization - Locale recorded against node for indexing

Notification Service

  • Activity Notifications
  • Opt in/out of email based notifications
  • Personal controls over notification frequency
  • Template based, richly formatted HTML email notifications

Development & Extensibility

  • OpenCMIS client on Surf/Share tier
  • Configurable document library actions and views
  • Extension Modules
  • Forms
    • Action Forms
    • Configuration only Forms (general purpose dialog)

Business Process Management

  • New Business Process Engine using Activiti
  • Alfresco Business Process definition via Activiti Process Designer (Eclipse Plugin)


  • AtomPub and Web Service implemention using embedded OpenCMIS server
  • OpenCMIS Client API accessible via both repository (in-process) and Spring Surf (remote)
  • OpenCMIS Aspect extensions
    • Get Applied Aspects, Add/Remove Aspects
  • .Net OpenCMIS Client API
  • Single Sign On support


  • New components for managing business processes, filesystems, system properties, transformation engine, email and more via the browser based Admin Console

Web Content Management

  • Ability to use the transfer service to push files out onto a remote file system
  • Enhancements to allow multi-lingual websites to be created and managed using Web Quick Start