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The official documentation is at:

Alfresco Share

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Apply RSS Feed Template

 This Space must be visible to the Guest user for the RSS feed to be publically viewable, you can Invite the Guest user using the Manage Space Users view.  



RSS Template:  Select a template... New_rss.ftl RSS_2.0_recent_docs.ftl

Alfresco Share cannot accepts its own RSS feed

This is due to (see issue fix version if the following still applies).

If you in your Share dashboard want to subscribe to a feed from one of your Share sites, you need to do a workaround. Here is one in a few steps (using Fedora/RHEL/CentOS):

  • Download SimplePie from It is a feed parser.
  • Unzip the file and place it in a folder called /var/www/html/sp. Make sure the is located there.
  • Create a file called /var/www/html/sp/index.php, with the following source:
chmod 777 -R sp. Just to make sure the file can be executed.