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Server Configuration

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Repository Configuration - An introduction to how configurations are made (Owner: DH)

Core Service Configuration

Content Store Configuration (Owner: DH)

Repository Cache Configuration (Owner: KR, DH)

JVM Tuning - server memory, CPUs required, and JVM Tuning (Owner: KR)

Database Configuration - also for setting up other databases (Owner: DH)

Schema Upgrade Scripts - adding or overriding database scripts (Owner: DH)

Disabling Document Archival - disable archival of deleted documents and folders (Owner: DH)

Extended Service Configuration

Alfresco Subsystems - All about the framework used to configure optional Alfresco subcomponents (Owner: DW)

ImageMagick Configuration - enabling image transformations (Owner: DH)

Full-Text Search Configuration (Owner: AH)

Inbound SMTP E-mail Configuration (Owner: RW)

Transformations Configuration (Owner: DH)

Metadata Extraction Configuration (Owner: DH)

Adding a Mime Type (Owner: DH)

Versioning Behaviour (Owner: RW)

File Server Subsystem (Author: GS)

File Server ACLs (Owner: GS)

Email Server Configuration (Owner: DH)

JMX / JSR-160

High Availability Configuration

Cluster Configuration (V1.4.x to V2.1.2)

Cluster Configuration (V2.1.3 and Later)

Cluster Configuration V4.2

Trouble-shooting and Analysis

Logging Configuration (Owner: DH)

Troubleshooting (Owner: SR)

Benchmark Testing with Alfresco

Database Schema Validation and Dumping Tool

Other Configuration

Alfresco Authentication Subsystems (Author: DW)

Permissions and Roles Configuration (Author: AH)

Changing Default Port Configuration

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