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SharePoint Protocol (Talk)

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This seems not to work for me. I have Word 2007 and a demo account with

  • When I try to add '' to the trusted sites in IE, it says that only httpS addresses can be added.
  • When I enter '' in the 'Open' Dialog in MS Word (section 'Sharepoint Sites'), the login splash is not displayed in the open dialogue like it is done for Sharepoint, but it is opened as if it was a Word Document. There I can enter username and password, but not submit the form to log in.

Can someone help me there? Once succeeded I will try to integrate the additional information in the article. --Chiccodoro 13:01, 15 May 2009 (BST)

port 7070

It worked but I had to open the following url in word http://servername:7070/alfresco instead of http://servername:8080/alfresco