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Subversion Access

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The official documentation is at:

We provide direct access to the source code of Alfresco Community Network stored in our Subversion repository. This code is not recommended for general use but does provide the easiest way for you to try out the latest bleeding-edge functions.

To check out a copy of the source code, type the following at a command line prompt.

svn co svn:// 

You will need to have a Subversion client installed in order to perform a check-out - see for more information and downloads. Alternatively, you can download the latest release or a nightly source build of the Alfresco SDK package, which contains a copy of our full source code and API documentation.

For more information on checking out our source code and contributing to Alfresco, see the Source Code wiki page.

If your Subversion client indicates that it cannot connect using the URL above, you can try using the HTTP method instead.

svn co 

For any other issues, please post a message on the forums.