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Document Publishing from Alfresco Project Workspace - Press Release (Part I)
Kathleen has finalized a new customer win press release that she has been working on over the past week.  After numerous ad-hoc reviews with Hayden, VP Corporate Marketing and Laura, Product Marketing Manager, Kathleen makes final edits, saves the document on her local file server, and initiates the publishing process to route the document for final approval and post to the corporate website.  Upon publishing, Kathleen is prompted to assign metadata to the document, specifically keywords to feed to the www search engine and content categories to identify which sections of the website the press releases should appear in in a related content component.  After assigning the metadata, Kathleen previews the web page, scanning the generated HTML and checking that the download link launches a PDF rendition of her Word document.   Once complete, Kathleen goes about her daily job and is pleased to note the email notification of the press releases approval and publication.      

Document Publishing from Alfresco Project Workspace - Press Release (Part II)     
Kathleen needs to launch the press release on Monday morning at 8am.  When Kathleen finalizes the document and assigns metadata, she enters a launch date and time.   Once done, Kathleen is notified twice:  once, upon approval of the document, and second, upon publication.   During the interim period, Kathleen is able to view the staged web content and choose to (a) change the launch date  (b) initiate an immediate launch or (c) delete the pending publish altogether.      
Web Publishing from Alfresco Site Workspace - Site Update
Vivian is managing a new corporate seminar series.   Like Kathleen, Vivian works on her spreadsheets and Word documents in a document workspace with ad-hoc reviews of her plans by Hayden the VP of Corporate Marketing and Laura the Product Marketing Manager.   Once the event details are finalized, Vivian works on creating the event microsite to publish to www by accessing numerous forms.  The first form is to fill out details of the overall events.  The second form is to fill out details of the hotel and facilities.  The third form is to fill out details on the agenda.   In each of these three forms Vivian references individual documents in the form that will be linked in each of the pages as a generated PDF.  Vivian also accesses a fourth form to specific details of the event registration page.  When done, Vivian previews the entire microsite, including links from the event promo component on the main www page and event listings page.  When done, Vivian promotes the collection of assets for review and approval and is notified like Kathleen upon publication.      

Web Publishing from Alfresco Site Workspace - Microsite Development and Launch    
Annie the Online Marketing Manager is responsible for launching a brand new microsite to announce the availability of a new product.  Laura the Product Marketing Manager has been pulling together collateral for the launch, going through various ad-hoc review and approvals in a special project workspace she set up for launch activities.  Karen the Product Manager collaborates with Laura in this document workspace to create a series of technical whitepapers and presentations.  To development and launch the new microsite, Annie creates two special workspaces to develop and stage the new microsites to be published to both the main sales portal and www.  When Annie creates the new workspace, she bases them each on a template.  These templates provide a default directory structure that can be merged into the main website and is pre-loaded with needed templates and a minimum number of default pages that need to be created prior to publishing. As both Karen the Product Manager and Laura the Product Marketing Manager finalize their collateral, the publish and fill out a metadata form identifying whether the item is an internal or external items and set keywords and categories for both intranet and www.  After assigning metadata, the assets are generated into PDF format and placed in pre-specified directory locations in each workspace for both Annie the Online Marketing Manager and Laura to reference in the web pages they create. Lastly, once the documents have been published to the appropriate web workspace,  Annie and Laura begin accessing forms to create web content.  The process is similar to Vivian the Events Marketing Manager�s process for publishing a new event microsite.